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Spring Makeup Trends That Will Brighten Your Day

Posted on April 01 2020

Spring Makeup Trends That Will Brighten Your Day

The best word to describe this season’s big makeup trends? Fun.

For all you color lovers out there, now is your time to shine. Forget no-makeup makeup and downplayed hues, this spring is all about giving you the opportunity to play with outside-the-box tones and vibrant maximalism. Think intense pigments, glossy finishes, plenty of sparkle, and hints of bright blue—because we could all use a little more “happy” in our lives right now.

Scroll down for our 8 favorite spring makeup trends, all achievable in your own bathroom.

Glittering Smokey Eye
Spring doesn’t mean you have to pass on the shimmer or dark shades. Apply our Eyeshadow Primer—it’ll make sure your shadow has maximum staying power—and then tap a luxe and shimmery Eyeshadow on top. We’re partial to Gem, Crush, and Sapphire.

Allover Gloss
Think gloss, gloss, and even more gloss. After applying your makeup, take a tube of our Lip Gloss in Crystal and dab it on your eyelids, cheekbones, and on your lips for an all over glossy effect that truly shines.

Pops of Blue
Pantone selected Classic Blue as it’s 2020 Color of the Year for good reason, and since the announcement the shade has been everywhere. Add it into your beauty rotation with our Eyeliner in Ocean, Navy Mascara, Eyeshadow in Ice Princess, Eyeliner in Navy, Nail Polish in Irresistible, Liquid Eyeliner in Storm or Eyeshadow in Sapphire.

Floating Eyeliner
Now is the time to play with avant garde, exaggerated shapes that don’t live on your lash line. Create a freehand floating liner look with a bright shade of our Liquid Eyeliner (like Amethyst, Nile, or Azure) by drawing a simple line across your eyelid or go outside-the-box with a more graphic shape like wings, zig-zags, or a cloud.

Classic Red Lips
Classics are huge right now, and that includes a bold red lip. We’re loving the matte look—try wearing it with bold brows and fresh, dewy skin. Make sure to prep your pout with Lip Primer, and then apply your favorite creamy red Lipstick shade on top.

Ombré Eyeshadow
Turn your eyelids into mini rainbow masterpieces with this spring-ready trend. Choose whatever combo of colors you prefer—we like a trio of pastels (Angel, Platinum, and Skylar) or a sunset-inspired set (Casino, Graffiti, and Egyptian Gold)—and dab one in the inner corners of your eyes, one on the center of your lids, and one on the outer third.

A Subtle Glow
If we’re being honest, glow never goes out of style. But this spring it’s all about a soft and subtle glow that doesn’t overpower your face—try adding our Cream Highlighter to your eyes, cheeks, and lips for an instant dose of natural illumination.

Contrasting Colors
Go against your instincts and rock a clashing eye and lip color. Try a vibrant blue tint on your eyes (like Ice Princess) and a bright orange shade on your lips (like Coral) or a sparkling pink hue on your eyes (like Cake) and a bold red pop on your lips (like Starlet) or a yellow-gold shimmer (like Venom) on your eyes and a deep purple color on your lips (like Ultra Violet). Finish off your look with a few coats of black Mascara.

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