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3 Reasons Why We Love Our Liquid Radiance

Posted on April 07 2020

3 Reasons Why We Love Our Liquid Radiance

If you need some extra glow in your life, look no further than our Liquid Radiance. Why do we love it so much? It’s a product that’s mistake-proof for even the most novice of makeup lovers. 

Scroll down to check out three reasons why it’s the highlighter we can’t get enough of.

The Buildable Applicator
This glow-on-the-go must-have features an innovative rollerball applicator that ensures a quick, even, and easy application, all while providing a celestial and illuminating highlight to your skin. Simply move the rollerball applicator across the desired area of your face and it will evenly distribute the product.

The Lightweight Formula
With a unique and lightweight formula, this award-winning illuminator stands out among the crowd. You can wear it alone on bare skin, spot-apply it as a highlighter on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, arch of your brow, and cupid’s bow, or mix it with your foundation for an all over glow. 

The Shade Options
The gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty free beauty item comes in three sparkling shades that will complement any skin tone: Halo’s soft pink highlights add a dewy glow, Liquid Gold’s soft golden sparkles add a golden glow, and Rose Gold’s bronzed pink shimmer adds a delicate golden pink glow.

Check out all three of our Liquid Radiance shades here.

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