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Enriched with nourishing Ingredients this exquisite long lasting formula provides natural, luxuriant lip color with all-day or night hydration.

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The moisture rich lipstick glides on easily directly from tube or can be applied with Gabriel Lip Brush for more precision. Apply over Gabriel lip primer for feather-resistant, budge-proof results.  

50 reviews for Gabriel Lipstick

  1. Michelle

    These lipsticks are delightful. They make my lips feel moist and kissable. The colors clay and nude are some two of my go to shades.

  2. Valora

    These lipsticks are very moisturizing and long lasting. Great selection of colors. The Currant is my go to shade. It is a perfect deep rich berry color.

  3. Sonia (verified owner)

    I love these lipsticks! I am always on the lookout for great vegan cosmetics, and these are some of the best. These lipsticks feel great on the lips, are not drying, and have a vibrant color payoff. The new color, Meritage, is divine– the perfect berry-purple wine color. PLEASE do not stop making this color; it’s my new go to!

  4. Odette

    My favorite color is Mauve. This is the only lipstick that does not peel my lips. Long lasting and light.

  5. Kirsten

    My favorite lipsticks by far, as they go on evenly, stay on well, and don’t make my lips peel. I have pale skin with a yellow-neutral undertone, and Clay and Velour are my go-to colors. Clay especially goes with EVERYTHING.

  6. Nancy

    I love this lipstick! The color is beautiful–I’m wearing Sheer Pink today. It feels so light, never makes my lips feel dry, and has real staying power. It is perfect.

  7. beth

    Perfect! Lasts all day and is super moisturizing

  8. Jess

    This is the only lipstick that does not give me a sore throat or dry out my lips. So glad I found this! I am a lifer.

  9. Sheri

    I love Gabriel’s products and appreciate the all-natural ingredients. I normally purchase them at my local health store, but they don’t carry the coral shade of the lipstick, so I purchased it online…searching for the perfect shade of orangey red. It’s super smooth, and for the short time I had it on it seemed like it wouldn’t be the type to dry out your lips. The color is true to the website. However, what’s not clear online is that it’s glittery. Unfortunately, not really appropriate for an adult.

  10. Rosie Iacono

    I am so grateful for Gabriel lipstick as they are unscented, which is very important for people suffering with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

    Wish more companies would make Unscented products.

  11. Anonymous

    These are beautiful lipsticks. A gluten free lipstick that performs beautifully on my very pale and cool-toned skin is a wonderful find. I use Taupe and it is perfect. Cool rose and no annoying shimmer. Just natural creamy color. Very very natural, the perfect “natural” lip color for porcelain skin.

  12. Diane

    I have been using Rosewood for a long time. I hope Gabriel will not discontinue this color! I know that cosmetic lines tend to do that, but honestly, I truly think this is the most versatile and pleasing-to-the-eye color on the market. Period. I have often tried to change, and it’s not a matter of just being used to a certain color … there is something special about it that just makes your lips “pop” without being overbearing. My lips somehow look more plump when I use this color … I can take off one color and put this color on and it’s like WOW … my lips look lush and full. It’s not too pinky-pink and it’s not too red or burgundy. It’s just a pleasing medium pink. I do think it is a bit darker than the color swatch above, but give it a try, it’s a lovely color. I am a redhead, and I think it would compliment any color hair or skin.

  13. Rita

    I stumbled onto this brand of lipstick during the closing an organic grocery store. they are are hard to find. I love the feel of this lipstick on my lips and there are no “taste” to them which is delightful.. Santa Fe is my color of choice…Maybe I’ll venture out to another color one day.

  14. Judy

    The Nude is my “go to” lipstick almost always. I love it. It is the perfect shade for me to wear alone or over a liner. I might wear a different color at times but I love this shade! It’s creamy and it stays on.

  15. Kari

    Great lipstick! Feels a bit dry at first application but within a minute it warms to your lips and lasts a very long time. Doesn’t dry and doesn’t make my lips peel. I tend to be allergic to natural products unfortunately but still strive to eliminate the chemicals. This product meets all my needs.

  16. JoAnn Anderson

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nude color & moisture & purity of this Gabriel lipstick!!! Now that I’ve found this great product, I hope they continue to make it! I do not usually leave reviews, but this lipstick made me do it!

  17. Julie

    I absolutely love these lipsticks! I have allergies to many cosmetics, particularly lip products. These lipsticks are one of the very few lip products I can actually wear!

  18. Alix

    I ADORE “Nude” — it’s my holy grail lip color. Please never discontinue! Love that it’s unscented, too.

  19. Katherine Duck

    This my first Gabriel lipstick and I like it very much. I purchased Nude, having looked for the perfect nude lipstick in all the department store lines of cosmetics and finding nothing! I was in a Whole Foods tonight and in a desperate attempt thought I’d check out the cosmetics and there it was. Who knew! It’s creamy, feels wonderful and is the perfect shade of nude for me.

  20. Alane (verified owner)

    This review is in regards to the Matte Spice – Brown Berry/Cool Crème color.

    So first off, this lipstick is *not* matte. That was the reason I ordered it.

    That said, it is a very nice red color. Definitely needs a lipliner in my opinion (since it isn’t a matte formula). Feels nice and smooth on the lips and the color is consistent.

    I love that Gabriel Cosmetics uses “natural” ingredients and that is why I will continue to buy their products. I would love for them to come out with a true matte lipstick though!

  21. Dawn

    I love the Matte Cerise. It is a deep earthy shade that is somewhat dark but still looks natural. I have to wear GF lipstick and it’s so hard to find deep colors. This lipstick feels comfortable on my lips too. Highly recommend!

  22. Donna

    I have been using Gabriel Cosmetics for years, my go to shades are Copper Glaze, Taupe, Clay. In the ZuZu
    line my go to shades are Lux and Allure. I love them all
    just depends on my outfit. Having Celiac Disease this line is essential to me. Thank-you Gabriel!!

  23. arizonart

    I have 3 shades of this lipstick but the color NUDE is my favorite! Unique and classy neutral that is far from boring and yet is versatile. Creamy and comfortable wear.

  24. Kelly Szymanski

    Needing to do a serious overhaul on ALL my make-up, I thought I would start with my lipsticks. For years now, I have found that since I am eating healthy, I cannot tolerate lipstick. One day of wear and the next day my lips are a raw, peeling mess that takes weeks to recover-I am not exaggerating, either. I stumbled upon this line at Sprouts, and thought I would try the Velour lipstick and wine lip liner. Beautiful, long-lasting, no horrible taste, and best of all – NO PEELING lips! Hurrah! I don’t wear lipstick everyday anymore, but I am sold on this product. Thank you for making a great lipstick. I can’t wait to try your other items.

  25. Cynthia

    Iam glad so many like this..I searced everywhere for a nude color found it in Mom’s mkt in MD…I love the color but it’s sticky..I don’t care for it and will sure u have other great products..I need a foundation.onlyuse organic…..Iam also a makeup artist.. beautiful color though…some may like the formula…take care

  26. joni (verified owner)

    Taupe is a beautiful color, but it’s too soft and therefor broke off after one use. Now I can’t use it. There are other brands where when you leave this kind of information in their review sections they give you information on how to return it. This is my second review of taupe and nobody ever responds and it has never been published. I think taupe is a faulty formula for breaking off like that.

  27. Kathy

    I should have looked this up on EWG first, but trusted the word “natural” since it was sold in Whole Foods. This lipstick has a terrible score of 5, with the highest level of toxicity for the ingredient vitamin A palmitate. We don’t need V-A in our lipstick! No more Gabriel products for me.

  28. Connii

    I stumbled on this at health food store I have been looking for a nice lipstick with moisturizer it is perfect the price is great to I am going to purchase more currant is the color I purchased I would like a redder color

  29. Cindy

    I love the Vegas!! It’s my all time favorite!

  30. Sable

    These lipsticks are amazing. One of the very few brands I can use now with all of my allergies and it is very long lasting and pigmented.

  31. Pat

    I am down to using my lipstick brush to get all the lipstick out of my tube. Only because, they where out of Taupe for while. Yay, it’s back. Can’t wait to get my new one in the mail. Been using these products for several years now, really like the quality, and fair prices. At 66, I am careful what goes on my face. Thanks Gabriel ,,, by the way I love your affectionate way with your grandmother.

  32. Lisa

    These lipsticks are fantastic! I have been using Gabriel and Zuzu Luxe lipsticks for a few years now after I discovered them at a local store that carries a lot of natural products. The lipsticks are very moisturizing, stay on for hours, and do not irritate my very sensitive lips and skin that react to everything. While I have liked many of the colors, I finally found the perfect color WILD ORCHID. It is such a beautiful color and the frost gives it a nice glow. I hope that you will continue to carry Wild Orchid- wouldn’t want to be without, now that I finally found the perfect color.

  33. california queen

    love ‘velour’ and ‘raisin’. these lipsticks rival bobbi brown cosmetics. well done! will try either salmon or vegas next.

  34. tee2.usa (verified owner)

    Creamy and feels good but illusion color which is supposed to be a medium nude turned bright orange! On me. Oh well.

  35. Sonia

    Very good product, I love that it stays on my lips, I ate and drink and it stayed, the best thing to me is that the color changes a little bit and it looks more beautiful and natural my color is Sheer Pink

  36. Karen

    I have spent so much money on lipsticks over the years and had actually stopped wearing them – they notoriously make my lips a peeling flaky mess (often ending with cold sores). Clearly I have some sort of allergy. But not so with the Gabriel. Bought based on reviews and have had great results so far! Bought the Clay colour as an everyday wear-to-work. It’s a beautiful neutral. A warmer version of the nude. Will get more colours now that I know I can wear this line.

  37. donna

    I’ve been wearing Gabriel Lipsticks for well over 2 decades! My favorite shades are Seashell, Pomegranate and Rosewood. I’ve bought several tubes of Seashell over the years and always have 2 tubes at any given time. One has a permanent residence in my purse, while the other is in my makeup drawer!

  38. Zoe (verified owner)

    I got Meritage, which on my lips looks like a mix of red and purple, but still looks wonderful. I got full coverage of my lips after two circuits of application, it’s super light and has the least stain transfer of any lipstick I’ve tried.

  39. R

    What happened to the lipstick colors CLAY and VELOUR? They have been my favorites for years!
    Please bring them back!

    • Beauty Expert

      Hello, both are still available. 🙂 Clay is the fourth swatch in the top row and Velour is the first color in the bottom row.

  40. ShellP

    As someone who is cool-toned (fair-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed) it is hard to find even one decent shade of dark mauve in most cosmetic lines as I need lip contrast or I look dead. So many cosmetic lines cycle their lip shades too quickly which upsets me. Thankfully, I discovered your line at Sprouts where my daughter works. The Maple Shimmer is perfect for me and I plan to try a similar shade as well as a pinkish one for spring/summer. I hope you keep all of your mauve shades for a while!

  41. Kim (verified owner)

    Soft Berry is so gorgeous ! It’s the only pink I have ever looked good in. I define my lips a bit first with the lip liner Innocence from ZuZu Luxe . I found Gabriel Cosmetics when searching for GF makeup years ago and am very glad for his gifts of artistry and innovation. He contines to make products that help us to look and feel our best !!! Many Thanks ! God Bless You Always Gabriel !

  42. hugz2302

    creamy but i wish i got a less orange color, i have to put pink over it but great regardless

  43. kristen

    I chose tea rose and its not an orange red. its a warm hot pink which is pretty on my warm complexion. i am planning on buying a few more colors because its nice lipstick and i want a more coral shade which i thought this might be. still love it since it can hard to find warm toned vibrant pinks.

    • Beauty Expert

      Hi Kristen,
      We’re glad you enjoy our lipsticks! I recommend our shades Seashell, Salmon, or Coral if you are interested in a coral color.

  44. Lauryn

    Aurora is my all time favorite color!!! Great on top of a darker color!

  45. Tamara (verified owner)

    THANK YOU for WALNUT! Oh my goodness, I have been searching for a clean, gluten-free lipstick to replace my beloved L’Oreal Cinnamon Spice that I have used for many years, but no longer can, due to a severe gluten intolerance. No kidding, but I tried no fewer than SIXTY lipsticks, to no avail! I almost cried when I finally stumbled upon WALNUT! It seems that the majority of the clean cosmetics companies offer a lot of cool toned lipsticks and very few that are warm toned (and are not bright orange or light peach frost.) I am desperate for brick red, terracotta, cinnamon spice, and paprika type colors in a creme lipstick. Please do not ever discontinue WALNUT, or I will be at a total loss. Thank you again!

  46. Kim (verified owner)

    I ordered Copper Glaze a while ago with some darker shades and always used it to soften those looks. Finally I have realized it is so beautiful all by itself ! It warms up my pale skin, doesn’t need a liner, doesn’t need gloss to help it look better, and imparts a delicate luminescent shimmer in a sort of nude pink. I like it enough that I may not be using my other lipsticks much at all!! Thanks again Gabriel !

  47. Lisa (verified owner)

    Meritage is stunning! It is a beautiful, rich color which is surprisingly not overwhelming with my fair skin. I have found that if I apply it over a swipe of lip balm, I can get an even color distribution that lasts for hours. Absolutely love the Meritage lipstick and hope that you will never discontinue this beautiful color!

  48. Miriam (verified owner)

    Love the Copper Glaze — I never had the confidence to wear lipstick before I tried this one, and I wear it every day (for work!). Please, never discontinue… don’t know what I would do without it.

  49. Linda Miller

    Best lipstick ever! Living in Canada all shades are not available. I would love to try Soft Berry and Eve as my lips need light pinky cool tone colours. Have tried Nude but sometimes in certain seasons it is too purple. Nonetheless it is the best and cleanest lipstick that I have ever used. I also use the multi pot Florentine on my cheeks.
    Thank you

  50. Alix

    I went through at least 2 lipsticks in Nude — they were perfect. Bought another last week and the color has definitely changed — noticeable orange undertones that make the color really unflattering on me. Nice formula, still, but not the shade it used to be.

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