Zuzu Luxe Eyeliner

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The ultra-smooth, highly pigmented formula glides on smoothly, to line, define and highlight eyes.

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Use our Zuzu Luxe Pencil Sharpener; sharpen to a fine point to allow for precise application.

15 reviews for Zuzu Luxe Eyeliner

  1. ntadams1986

    I had high hopes since I love the liquid and mascara but this smudges and smears do I gave it a 3 because it is average in the eyelinear world but better because zuzu can be trusted

  2. Morgan

    This stuff does not go on very well, and it never looks smooth when I finally get it to actually look black and not just like a smudge of gray…on top of that almost every time I sharpen it, the tip falls off when I use it immediately after, so I can never get it sharp enough! It has been a huge pain in my rear, especially for the amount I spent on it. I love the concept, but it just does not work for me.

  3. Janet (verified owner)

    I bought this in 2 colors and like it. I have no trouble with pencil breaking or smudging..

  4. rmschmidt71

    This color worked great for me. I did have to use two coats to get it to show up on my eyelid. It does not go on as smoothly as I would like, but it is a gorgeous, flattering color, and my new go,to color. Because of having to use two two coats and some difficulty getting it on, I deducted a star. Otherwise it would have been a five star review.

  5. Jen (verified owner)

    This eyeliner goes on smoothly and does not need reapplication. It works well on eyelids with fine lines.

  6. Michele

    The liners do not go on very smoothly, and break easily when sharpening. The liners don’t ‘glide’ on smoothly, they do smudge, and don’t stay on very well throughout the day. I suggest developing an “organic waterproof gel” type that doesn’t need to be sharpened.

    • Amanda

      We’re sorry to hear you were disappointed with your recent purchase. Rest assured–Gabriel guarantees all of his product so if you’re not completely happy with the liners, you can exchange/return it to the original location (online or in store).

  7. pacificblue322

    Umm… I actually have a very positive experience with these eyeliners. It goes on smoothly and the best part is that it stays on all day! Its staying power out paces other eyeliners by far.

    I have “Tobacco”, “Snow”, and “Indigo” — all of which make my brown eyes pop. Gold and Iguana are next. I am having so much fun with these eyeliners 🙂

  8. Violetta S

    The reason I cannot give this product a 5/5 is because I am one of the few people who is clearly allergic to something on the ingredient list. Not sure if any others have found some irritation using this eyeliner. It might be the lecithin or ascorbyl palmitate. In terms of the quality though, draws on very nicely, great staying power, and deep pigmentation. The look of the product is quite lovely too. I wanted to love this so much. Too bad my eyes became red and started burning within half an hour of applying. I’ll have to return it and am sad about that.

  9. Curie Fong

    This is the worst eyeliner pencil I have used. Have tried many eyeliners before but the Zuzu eye pencil is the worst. The Black is not smooth and lush like other brands. You have to apply it a few times to get some sort of definition. It kept breaking off when sharpened at about 5cm to the end tip. After 3 attempts at sharpening, I discovered there was no khol in the pencil……how utterly disappointing to pay for only two thirds of a pencil. Never had this problem with Pacific and other natural products purcahsed from Whole Foods…

  10. Lan

    The pencil came dull when purchased, hard to lay down a clean line without smudging, and kept breaking when sharpening with pencil sharpener designed for these type of pencils. In the trash, useless.

  11. Amy (verified owner)

    Love!! I continue to rebuy this product in Tobacco (the brown color). It’s amazing! I use it under my eyes… yes it does give a fine line but I usually smudge it with my finger to give a more smokey look and it lasts ALL day! I use it with the Zuzu sharpener (only $1.60!) and it’s perfect! It never breaks, goes on smooth, and is a must have for me!

  12. Caroline Olson

    I suffered an allergic reaction to the Gabriel Charcoal eyeliner. Extreme itching and burning and my eyes turned red and my eyes watered profusely. Had to return it for a refund. The Gabriel mascara does not bother my eyes so I’m not sure why the eyeliner does.

  13. R

    I noticed some of the older reviews for this are bad and I can only imagine Zuzu updated their formulation. This went on so smoothly and lasted for me. The pencil was easy to sharpen and apply. I am trying to switch to all natural, clean beauty items and this is a great discovery. I got this in the color Iguana, which is just such a vibrant, gorgeous, tealish green. I have green-blue eyes and pale skin, but I could really see this color popping on any eye and skin color. Going to try Indigo and Slate next.

  14. Nancy

    I really like the eyeliner and have been using it for a couple of years now. Indigo is my color.

  15. Abigail (verified owner)

    This eyeliner is amazing! I use Leaf and it is a beautiful color! It goes on nicely and doesn’t break easily. I use it over the Casino eyeshadow and it looks like a flower. Thank you ZuZu Luxe!

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