Classic Eyeliner

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Creamy and easy to blend, Use Gabriel’s long Lasting eyeliner pencils to expertly define or softly accent eyes.

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Use our Gabriel Pencil Sharpener; sharpen to a fine point to allow for precise application.

9 reviews for Classic Eyeliner

  1. Monica

    I ordered this eyeliner in Pine. I was looking for an eyeliner that would subtly enhance my eyes in a “no makeup” look. And this eyeliner does just that. It applies light and I don’t have to worry about applying it correctly. I could literally apply this without a mirror (and have). I use it very lightly but even after the first time I used it someone told my eyes looked really pretty! And I wasn’t even wearing mascara! The color would complement anyone, especially those with darker skin tones and/or eyes.

  2. Katie Elena

    Very pleased with this eyeliner. Glad it’is made in Germany, happy about the ingredients. I have used for one week for work and apply it in the early morning and it does not pull my skin. It glides on smoothly. It has not smudged. By the end of the day 6pm, when I get home to wash off my face, it comes off easily. This eyeliner is no struggle. The design is nice too, and the pencil is thick enough.. Purchased it at Sprouts in Los Angeles. Thank you Gabriel!

  3. Brenda Ponce (verified owner)

    I was not satisfied with the eyeliner. The packaging was great and quick. I ordered it in Black and was not as pigmented as I hoped and comes out to be more like a dark-grey. Even with putting layer after layer it does not come out black. This eyeliner is perfect if you want it to be dark-grey otherwise if you’re looking for an actually black then this isn’t it. It is creamy and rich. Ease of taking off is great, comes off very easily. Does not smudge but it does wear off and slowly starts getting lighter but not drastically. Also, it requires constant sharpening.

  4. jrosekonungrinn (verified owner)

    This is my favorite eyeliner! I use the chocolate brown. This was the first Gabriel product I started using, as I was searching for makeup with acceptable ingredients. The ingredients were even better/simpler/safer than my previous “natural” eyeliner, and it smudged less! I find that I still have a bit of smudging unless I pair it with an eyeshadow primer/fixative, but I can go with or without. The primer will keep it rock solid though. But removal is fine, I do not even use a remover, just water and natural soap on my facial sea sponges. I love it.

  5. Jennifer

    It doesn’t matter where a product is made if it contains harmful constituents.Believe it or not Germany is no exception. Titanium Dioxide is not “SAFE” in it’s micronized form.It would be nice if the company clearly stated somewhere in the product info which type of Titanium Dioxide is being used as I’d love to continue using this great eyeliner.

  6. Penny Mason

    This eyeliner is the Only eyeliner I have ever used that does not irritate my eyes. Whole Foods used to carry it, now I have to order it online. It is very, very gentle, and perfect for enhancing your natural coloring.

  7. Suzy

    Love this eyeliner- I buy it in gray. Let me first say that there are only like two eyeliners that I have ever bought that do not smudge, and they are definitely not non-toxic. That said, I actually like a bit of subtle smudging below my lower lashes, and I like to use the gray pencil for that. Comes off easily, is a flattering and hard-to-find color, and is nontoxic! I buy it in pairs now..

  8. Millie Sepulveda

    This eyeliner goes on smooth, stays on the lid, and does not burn/sting my eyes!

  9. Debra

    I like this eyeliner in that it is easy to apply and no smudge. I agree with one of the reviewers that the black color doesn’t read as black. Sometimes that is just what I want. But I would appreciate the option of a more saturated black. This pencil does need constant sharpening. I would encourage Gabriel to make a bigger (longer) version. Overall, I love Gabriel cosmetics and do highly recommend the pencil, even though I am asking for some tweaks!

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