Zuzu Luxe Lipstick

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These smooth, creamy, ultra-hydrating lipstick drenches lips in rich color while keeping lips soft and supple.

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The moisture rich lipstick glides on easily directly from tube or can be applied with Gabriel lip brush for more precision. Apply over Gabriel lip primer for feather-resistant, budge-proof results.

27 reviews for Zuzu Luxe Lipstick

  1. Michelle

    Zuzu lipsticks feel just as amazing as the Gabriel lipsticks. My favorite color for daily wear is Ultra Violet, however I do have several other colors and a few on my wish list! I have Truth or Dare and like to use this one to tone down deeper colored lipsticks when I want a day look.

  2. Kirsten

    Delightful and easy to wear just like the Gabriel lipsticks. When I’m feeling more dramatic, I go for Femme Fatale and Ultra Violet. Beautiful deep colors!

  3. Elizabeth

    I rarely write reviews but this lipstick is worth commenting on! I recently made the switch to this lipstick for the health protection benefits (no chemicals, cruelty free, etc.). I’ve used various high end department store lipsticks for 20 years and this is my new favorite! All the colors are hip and stylish and the color stays on for hours and hours. I adore this lipstick! Super glad I took the plunge and made the lipstick plunge to ZuZu!

  4. Daniela

    I used up every drop of my lipstick thinking; this lipstick is amazingly beautiful to wear and gaze at. VERY diva yet so healthy feeling.

  5. michele

    Bought the lipstick because it was chemical free. Love the way it feels and stays on. My color Dollhouse Pink was true to the way it was in the tube. Want to get this in other shades too.

  6. Stephanie

    I purchased this lipstick in Vino de Amor and… wow! What a beautiful color! The pigment is so bright and vivid. It goes on smoothly and stays on for hours. This is my favorite lipstick I’ve ever purchased.

  7. Lauren

    Thank you for making a vegan organic lipstick! As someone who has allergies to red dyes and carmine, it has been near impossible to find a decent lipstick…until now!! 🙂 I love it!!! Scarlet is my favorite.

  8. M

    Best organic lipstick on the market hands down. Tried a few this one came out on top. Even better than Nars or Bite. Color stays but is hydrating and when it does come off fades away instead of leaving little clumps and a ring around the outside. Not too shiny not too matte, natural looking and hydrating for my seemingly always chapped lips. On my 6th tube, Galaxy color is my fav. Never going back, please never stop making this lipstick!!

  9. Lois

    I’ve used several of these lipsticks for several years and they are the only lipsticks I will use. My favorite is “Patina”, but I also use “Truth or Dare”, “Lux” and “Femme Fatale”. I get complimented on my lipstick, and I often use a lighter over a darker.

  10. CC

    I just bought the lipstick “Obsession” and the Lip Liner. I love the color and it just looks good on my lips. Love it!

    I also bought the Lip Gloss which is amazing too. I just wish Whole Foods carry all the products of Gabriel and ZuZu. I was looking for the Lip Primer but they don’t carry it. I will definitely buy more colors of the Lipstick.

  11. T

    i bought ‘obsession’. EXACTLY what i wanted. a sheer berry. truly i wish they had more sheer options bc i absolutely adore it. no weird ingredients so i feel safe using it daily!

  12. Bridget

    Not tested on animals and vegan is essential to me. I bought the raspberry and love the color which is true to the description. It’s moist and doesn’t smear but it comes off rather quick. Over all a great product that I will keep using in different colors.

  13. deecee

    I’ve been using both Gabriel and ZuZu lipsticks for years and love them! Vegan and no toxic ingredients and the colors are beautiful! Ultra Violet, Temptress and Obsession are favorites.

  14. Joy

    Starlet is the perfect, classic red shade! Perfect for every day wear and retro looks alike! It’s not too matte nor too glossy. In fact I wouldn’t say this lipstick has a glossy or shiny finish, it’s rather plain and basic, almost matte. It’s real. My new favorite lipstick!

    I also ordered Vino de Amour, but I haven’t gotten the chance to wear it yet. It looks to be just a darker shade of red than Starlet. Maybe a hint more berry in tone (or maybe that’s just my lips, I’ve highly pigmented lips. Most deep red shades turn berry on me. However, Vino de amour does seem to hold more true red when I tested, than say Crimson, Ruby or Mischievous but Silk Naturals – all red shades that turned raspberry on my lips).

    I believe I will enjoy these colors and these lipstick for a long time to come – hopefully neither color with be discontinued or replaced soon! 🙂

  15. vf

    I have Golden Bronze.
    It applies (quite) sheer, lasts long enough, but definitely not all day. Color fades before the shimmer which isn’t necessarily a flattering look. Not as creamy as I would have liked. But, if applied over chapstick it lasts even less.

    On the bright side the color is lovely and natural looking. I have neutral skin: yellowish undertones, but lips are pale pink. Pink lipsticks don’t look that great on me and wash me out, but more orangy colors make me look older and look heavy (for lack of a better word).

    I don’t wear it every day mostly because it’s not creamy enough for me.

  16. CCL

    I just bought Chocolate Cherry from Whole Foods and I’m in love! My new fav. This is the perfect everyday/grungy color. I’m very pale and cool toned and this is the perfect cool brown-berry shade, no annoying shimmer, just a little satin creme finish. GF, great ingredients and very luxe packaging–win win. Never stop production! This was my first ZuZu lipstick and I’m a convert now. ; )

  17. MjadeGregor

    I’m totally GF. I thought i was going to buy these and bite. The new bite lipsticks you can see them oxidized in the store already! No thanks!! Well no crying for me because it turns out these wear 3 x’s longer anyway!! These are the best lipsticks besides i’ve ever tried. Equal with for me with mac. And i quit using those years ago because of chemical after tastes/residues. I hate to make so many comparisons when i feel these are in a class of their own but i realized its helpful when i read another review. I own Starlet, Icon and Beso Beso. I love Allure but sadly it dried my lips. I plan on getting as many colors as will suit me! And i love supporting Gabriel, (with or without the certification). But im so glad i can now with the certification. Thank you soo much for getting certified, it is so important to many us.

  18. Carolyn McCord

    I love the chocolate cherry color but I have tried two lipsticks from two stores and they both are hard like a Crayola crayon which makes them nearly impossible to apply and totally non-emollient. The little bit I do manage to get onto my lips is oddly very sticky/tacky and the product has a very strong smell like rancid oil. I thought the first purchase was just a bad batch or old, luckily the store exchanged it, but the second tube (from same grocer, different location) was exactly the same. Really wanted to like this line, but this lipstick was a waste of money as I don’t think the store will be happy to take another tube back from me.

  19. D Walker

    Beso beso is my favorite color. Love the rich berry color. I am pale with cool undertones and this color just looks amazing. Not too bright but definitely noticeable. I have purchased this color three times. Also I like Galaxy. Next up, I will try starlet and dollhouse pink.
    These lipsticks go on smoothly and last a long time. Not all day, but still great.

  20. Mimi

    Beso beso is the perfect everyday shade for me! It’s not too bright but is clear and not muddy. I love lipstick and have tried most brands and colors. This is lovely on the lips, and cruelty free which is so important to me. Im a silver haired lady who used to have black hair, and olive coloring. This lights up my face and smile! Perfect.

  21. Linda. Tracey

    SAZERAC is the most beautiful lipstick I have ever worn! I have used it for several years and often have people stop and ask me what I am wearing. After applying Sazerac, I do line my lips with either Port or Bounce lip liner, which gives the lips a fuller look. Though the lipstick looks rather orange in the tube, it has pretty pink highlights. It stays on extremely well and is perfect for lighter toned complexions. It would make a great high lighter over darker lipstick colors because of its beautiful glimmer.

  22. ayelet (verified owner)

    I was excited to order a natural lipstick. I got the Zuzu Luxe Lipstick – Golden Bronze – Sandy Peach/Gold Shimmer. it has a nice peachy color, but when I apply it on it doesn’t show any color only a little shimmer. I am very disappointed. i was looking a lipstick with actual color.

    • Beauty Expert

      We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with the color. One of our beauty experts will be in touch.

  23. Judy Setting (verified owner)

    Best GF, no chemical, cruelty free lipstick there is! And beautiful too… Feels wonderful on and stays put. I’m loving my Icon and others & ordering more! Highly highly highly recommend.

  24. Melissa K. (verified owner)

    I’m trying non-toxic cosmetics after a pre-cancer scare. Got ZuZu Luxe lipstick in Icon, hoping for a nice creme day color. The color is beautiful – like the picture – but much more sheer than creme. Too light, actually, even on my fair skin. Will keep it as a “slightly more than bare” lipstick because it feels so good and so far I’m impressed with the company (purpose, service, packaging, etc.).

  25. Robyn

    Chocolate cherry is simply my favorite lipstick in years. This is the subtle brown I’ve been looking for. Not tan, not red, just a deep red-tinted brown, no pink undertones. Love the texture and the peace of mind about ingredients as well.

  26. Robin (verified owner)

    Great lipstick! Not greasy, not dry, but just right. And not loaded with chemicals and crud. I have “Indulgence” and “Ultra Violet,” and like both. I would describe Indulgence as more of a reddish shade than berry.

  27. Kinnari Bhakta

    I bought chocolate cherry. When I tested it on my hand, the color was perfect. I bought it and put it on. It was hard to put on and tasted awful. I don’t get the creamy texture everyone is writing about. I was excited, but it’s been a disappointment.

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