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Makeup Tips & Tricks for Your 20s

Posted on June 11 2019

Makeup Tips & Tricks for Your 20s

Your 20s are the prime time for self-discovery, and that includes your beauty routine. They say your skin is at its peak during your third decade of life—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t nurture your complexion by pledging to develop a skincare regimen and making sure not to overdo it with harsh products while still opting to live it up and take risks when it comes to your makeup choices.

Check out the beauty tips and tricks for your 20s below.

1. Play With Color

Now is the time to experiment and play with color. Not only will you turn heads, but you’ll also start to find favorite shades and discover what looks best on you—and they might be hues you never thought you’d love. Reach for our Amethyst Liquid Eyeliner, Vibrant Pink Blush, or Caliente Lip Gloss to get the party started. Better yet, pair two bold shades together—try our Ice Princess Eyeshadow on your peepers and our Coral Lipstick on your pout.

2. Always Wash Your Face

So basic, but so important. Choose a cleanser based on your skin type, and use it morning and night—now is the time to figure out what skincare products complement your complexion and start getting into a routine. If you simply must skip a wash, wipe your face down with a Cosmetic Wipe—just don’t make it a regular habit.

3. Go Sheer

There’s no reason to use heavy foundation when you don’t need it—don’t fall into the trap of assuming that the more foundation you use, the more perfect your skin will look. Applying too much product can actually cover up your youthful beauty, like naturally rosy cheeks and cute freckles. Instead, apply a good moisturizer and SPF to your face and neck and use a Color Correcting Primer and Concealer as needed to cover up blemishes and red spots.

4. Do the Dew

On days when your skin is looking dull, give yourself a dewy makeover for a sheen that screams I’ve-got-it-together. The key to that natural, glowing face is to mix your favorite hydrating, lightweight, and pearly primer—like our Universal Primer—with your liquid foundation. Simply use a 60 to 40 ratio of primer to foundation and apply it to your skin as you normally would.

5. Embrace illumination

If there ever was an age to glow it up, it’s now. Our long-wear, Mineral Highlighter features luminescent pigments to cast a lit-from-within shimmer—and adds the most sparkle of any highlighter choice. Use a Kabuki Brush for maximum impact or a smaller brush for a more opaque look—when applying focus on the high points of your face and blend well using light pressure. Put it on a little at a time, as powder can get intense very quickly. But don’t be afraid to shimmer and shine! Apply it to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, arch of your brow, cupid’s bow, and décolleté for flawlessly incandescent results.

6. Conceal Correctly

The most efficient way to cover dark circles is to dot a creamy Concealer formula (choose a shade or two lighter than your face) under your eye and work it downwards to create an inverted triangle where the lowest point hits the top of your cheek. This technique creates an all-over brightening effect, gives the illusion that your face is lifted, and better disguises any sign of darkness rather than just targeting the circles themselves. After you apply the product, blend it softly with your finger of favorite makeup brush.

7. Prep Your Pout

If you want that bold lip to last all night long, you’ll have to put in a little extra work. Use our moisture rich Lip Primer to create a base that will smooth, define, and prime your pucker for long-lasting color that won’t fade or feather. Define your lips by using Lipliner in a rich hue that most closely matches your top color. Start at the center and then trace outwards. In this case, more is better. Finish by applying a layer of vibrant Lipstick—like Beso Beso, Siren, or Meritage—blot, and apply a final layer.

8. Brighten Your Eyes

The easiest way to awaken eyes is with pure white eyeliner, like our shade Snow. Apply it to your waterline and the inner corners of your peepers for a brighter look—make sure to slightly blend it so it doesn’t appear too stark. Apply two coats of Mascara to your upper and lower lashes to lengthen and volumize them. For added drama, use Clear Mascara as a base coat and finishing coat. If your lashes are straight, they can cast a shadow on the eye area—so don’t forget to take that extra step to curl them.

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