Cosmetic Wipes

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Drenched with hydrating and nourishing plant extracts these natural wipes gently and effectively remove makeup and mascara.

30 ct.

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Wipe away post-gym sweat or effectively removes makeup.  These travel-friendly wipes are multi-functional for both men, women and children.  Wipe and discard these biodegradable sheets.  No need to rinse.

4 reviews for Cosmetic Wipes

  1. Andrea

    These wipes remove makeup very well and don’t have an offensive smell. They are quite saturated – maybe a little too saturated. But I can use it all over my face and still have enough to wipe down my whole makeup table. Probably not a recommended use, but my table always looks clean.

  2. B

    These are the ONLY facial wipes I will use. Nothing nasty in them. I have sensitive skin and I have had no problem with them. Also great for when you are to tired and just don’t feel like washing your face. I need to get some more soon.

  3. Amanda Ferguson-Standish (verified owner)

    Love these wipes!!! They’re the only ones I’ll use. All the others have such horrible chemicals. These remove makeup well and are great!

  4. Sarah (verified owner)

    These are the best face wipes! Cleansing, yet moisturizing and refreshing to the skin. Also, they have the purest ingredients of any I’ve tried. In addition, they are well saturated, so you get your money’s worth out of them. So many other brands of face wipes are dry-ish or dry out quickly after opening. These are moist and stay moist. There is enough to wipe your face and neck and then some.

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