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7 Pink Lip Colors We Can’t Stop Wearing

Posted on February 05 2019

7 Pink Lip Colors We Can’t Stop Wearing

We’re thinking pink!

As much as we love a scarlet red or jewel-toned lip when the occasion calls for it, there’s also something inherently fresh about a pink pout—and we’re totally okay with wearing it on a daily basis. Even though the hue is a classic, it can still feel fun, new, and modern when you pucker up and try a different tone. We’re currently loving everything from bright berry hues to shimmering glosses and cool pastel shades.

Get onboard with pink and swipe on one of the pretty colors below.

  1. Dollhouse Pink: a cool bubblegum pink
  2. Soft Berry: a creamy rose nude
  3. Love Spell: a shimmering rose gold
  4. Cosmopolitan: a shimmering bubblegum gloss
  5. Mauve: a muted berry pink
  6. Truth or Dare: a sheer soft pink
  7. Sheer Pink: a soft hot pink
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