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Halloween Costumes You Can Create Just With Makeup

Posted on October 25 2017

Halloween Costumes You Can Create Just With Makeup

The idea of doing your own makeup for Halloween can be, well, frightening. But it shouldn’t be. When it comes down to it, utilizing your favorite beauty products is the easiest way to pull together a costume. Halloween makeup typically looks tricky, but in reality any skill level can pull it off. The best part? Once it is applied, your costume is complete.

Check out three of our favorite ideas below.  

Deer: Go as an adorable Lauren Conrad-inspired fawn—you should be able to DIY this look with products you already have in your stash. Begin by applying your normal makeup base using Foundation, Concealer, and Mascara. Liberally apply Bronzer across your forehead and brush it down to your temples, the top of your cheekbones, and then to the apples of your cheeks. Apply a light shade of concealer under your eyes and down the bridge of your nose, and darken your brows with our Cream Brow Pencil. Use black Liquid Eyeliner to create an extended cat-eye and button nose. Also apply the liner to the crease of your lower eye and draw on faux lashes to give the illusion of doe eyes. Apply dots of concealer across your cheeks and forehead, and finish with a light pink Lip Gloss, like Ambrosia or Soft Berry. Add a pair of antlers or pull your hair into two buns on top of your head to complete the look.

Skeleton: This isn’t your average skeleton—this is a Jennifer Lopez-esque skeleton. Begin by drawing an oval around your eyes and outlining everything on your face that will be white using our Eyeliner in Snow. Next, use one of our Eyeshadow Trios (Classic or Smokey) to fill in and create a smokey look in your eye area, going heavy on your eyebrows and next to your nose. Use the same shades to contour and fill in your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and along your hairline. Make sure you get a very defined sculpt. Use a wet brush to apply our Eyeshadow in Geisha (matte white) to the rest of your face, and then to draw the skeleton outlines on your neck and chest. Add a killer red lip—using our Lipliner in Red and our Lipstick in Pomegranate or Vino De Amor—and you’re good to go.


Unicorn: Jenna Dewan Tatum provides inspiration for this glittering look, which can be done with products you’ll want to use again. Start by applying several coats of black Mascara and boldly defining your eyebrows with our Cream Brow Pencil. Pair our Eyeshadow in Ice Princess (shimmering royal blue), Cake (sparkling cotton candy pink), and Vertigo (metallic silver) with Liquid Eyeliner in Amethyst or Storm to create a dramatic and colorful eye. Next, heavily dust your forehead, cheeks, neck, and collarbones with our Blush in Nymph or Vibrant Pink—add stick-on rhinestones if desired. Complete your look with by swiping on our Lipstick in Sheer Pink or Dollhouse Pink. Top it all off with a metallic unicorn horn and rainbow hair extensions for full impact.

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