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7 Rules for Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

Posted on April 26 2017

7 Rules for Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

Are you still holding onto products that you haven’t used in months oryikes!even years? They might need to be given the boot. And that’s not just because the heavy winter formulas or dark colors don’t mesh well with your skin come spring and summer. Your makeup could be well past its best-by date, and expired beauty products haven’t only lost their lusterthey can also host a wide range of bacteria and germs.

Bottom line: you need to spring clean your cosmetic bagand we’re here to help. We’re breaking down 7 rules to ensure that your beauty look is both health-conscious and on-trend as we move further into the new season. Get a fresh start with the tips below.

Organize, organize, organize
If your products get lost in the clutter, you’re less likely to use them up in a timely manner.  Consider keeping things organized with a rotating caddy or clear acrylic organizers so that everything is visible. And remember: beauty tools, makeup brushes, and sponges are better at resisting contamination when they aren’t left out on the bathroom counter.

Cut down on products
One product is better than threeand easier to keep track of. Multi-purpose products are great space (and time) savers. Try our Multi Pots, Liquid Radiance, and curated palettes, all which do double or triple duty.

If one of your favorite items is near its end or expiration date, pick up an airtight plastic jar and scoop the rest of the product into it – this will extend its shelf life. When you’ve collected five of our product empties, don’t forget to send them to us for recycling in exchange for one free makeup product of your choice (excluding skincare, foundations, palettes and gift sets) as our thanks to you.

Switch to a lighter formula
You may need to switch up your skincare routinea complexion that was dry in the colder temps could now be combination or even oily. Your coloring can also change – make sure you pick up a new foundation to kick off the new season. Need an extra boost? Keep your skin refreshed by gently toning and remineralizing with our Sea Mineral Hydra Mistit will keep your face hydrated as the weather heats up.

Wash your makeup brushes
We know it’s a hassle, but it should be done every few weeks at a minimum. Use an inexpensive dish soap or simple brush cleanser to thoroughly rinse your brushes and then lay them out to dry overnight. Are your tools way past their prime? A new Cosmetic Bag, Professional Brush Kit, or Sponge (which should be washed after every use) might be in order.

Check the dates
When in doubt, toss it out. Makeup has a shelf life, and for good reasonkeep the following expiration dates in mind. Typically, mascara and concealer are only good for six months, liquid foundation lasts for six months to one year, lipstick can last for two years, and eyeshadow, pressed powder, blush, and eyeliner is good for three years. (P.S. Look for the open jar symbol on our packaging—it will state the number of months a product is good for after you open it!)

Brighten things up
Don’t be afraid to embrace a whole lot of color! Break out the pinks, corals, and fuchsias to mimic the blooming flowers. Lighten up your eye makeup by trying a colored Eye Liner, go super bright on your Blush, and wear a bold vibrant Lipstick that pops. And don’t forget: whenever you open a new product, write the date on it for future reference.

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