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The three in one product for the classic modern woman on the go! The gluten-free multi pot colors add a subtle sun kissed flush that is blendable and buildable. Another Gabriel secret to mistake-proof beauty.

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Beginning with a clean face, apply with fingertips to desired areas. Sheer with first application, can be layered to achieve the desired effect.

19 reviews for Multi Pot

  1. marie

    I love the color, is so funcional for my. face.

  2. sribman (verified owner)

    I just received the multi-pot in Florentina, and the color is beautiful. It looks warm and natural on lips, eye creases, and cheeks. I love a multi-use makeup, and this one does not disappoint. The texture is creamy and sheer, and the look is incredibly natural. Lovely!

  3. kim

    I love the multi pots!! I usually just use it for blush, and it is amazing. I love how it stays perfectly on my cheeks all day. Seriously the best product I’ve used for blush. And I most of all I love putting it on my face because I know there aren’t a load of chemicals going onto my skin! 🙂 It is so natural looking, and compared to a powder blush it doesn’t look like there is product caked to my cheeks. The product goes on so smoothly.

  4. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Wonderful, silky, easy-to-use product in a truly gorgeous color (Peony). Gives a clean and polished look with very little effort.

  5. Joani (verified owner)

    This is wonderful! I’m in my sixties and too much make-up adds years to my face. I use this after moisturizing sunscreen and add it to cheeks, eyes, a tiny amount to upper forehead, and a little on each side of my neck, blending it in. It adds a healthy glow and has simplified my makeup routine. I love it!

  6. Valerie T. (verified owner)

    I bought this product in the conch shade (beautiful color!). I use it for my lips and as a blush. I appreciate that this product has few ingredients and is not laden with chemicals.

  7. Corey

    What colors do all u girls like

  8. Rhonda

    Love Dahlia! I received it in the “About Face Collection” (Med). I have light skin but it was summertime. I blend Dahlia on cheeks, eyelids, & lips. Gives a nice natural healthy glow. I also put clear lip balm over the Dahlia to solve the problem of it feeling dry on my lips. I get a lot of compliments with this makeup 🙂

  9. Alane (verified owner)

    Glittery. I really wanted a highlighter that just looked like a “glow” but did *not* want glitter. Unfortunately this highlighter looks glittery in addition to being glowy. That said, the glitter is small and consistently spreads, but, it is still glitter.

    The thistle color is quite nice for a highlighter.

  10. anna.sovneitska

    Thistle is great! LOVE the quality of the ingredients. I feel as though I am wearing moisturizer–it is really skincare makeup.

    However, it creases within minutes on my eyelid. A ZuZu pressed powder eyeshadow or pressed highlighter in this same Thistle shade would be phenomenal and more long-wearing. Would buy if these existed!

  11. Joyce Makitalo

    I am olive-skinned and the Florentine multi-pot shade is the same color as my face when out in the sun for two hours. I love it! Looks so natural on me 🙂

  12. B

    I love to use this as an eyeshadow base. It adds a little color to areas I tend not to put any powder color on, like in the upper corner by my nose, and holds my eyeshadow perfectly without creasing all day better than any other product I’ve used.

  13. Victoria Carter (verified owner)

    As I’m getting older, my dry skin is better with cream products, so I have been trying a lot of cream blushes lately. This is by FAR the best one! I got the Dahlia color- perfect for my pale, cooler toned complexion. It adds a subtle glow but isn’t glittery at all. So convenient and easy to use, just pat it gently on my cheekbones and blend. It is drying on my lips but almost everything is… I do dab some on over good lip balm when I’m in a hurry, but wouldn’t wear it every day. This is probably my favorite makeup product ever- and I’m a bit of an addict, especially when it comes to blushes. I haven’t worn another since I got this though. Please never stop making it!

  14. Natasha Schwartz

    My favorite blush is Florentina Multi Pot. Beautiful color, natural, looks as good as regular, toxic commercial stuff. What is so important, is that it has a very safe, low carcinogenic/hormone disrupter rating from EWG – Environmental Working Group. I tried others who also had low ratings but they didn’t look good. You can go to and check out Gabriel’s safe ratings for other cosmetics, too.

  15. Karen Hooker

    I discovered the Multi Pot last month and purchased it in Florentina. I absolutely love this!! I am 65 so cream definitely works better and this is the best I have ever used. I love that I can also put it on my lips. I have not tried it on eyes, but I will. I have sensitive skin and have had no problems. You won’t be sorry with this product!!

  16. Robin

    Love this! Bought it for the first time in Florentina which is a beautiful color with my yellow undertones. The blush is easy to apply and it stays on. It is not heavy looking and great on bare skin.

  17. heidijacobsvoice (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Multi Pot! Bought my first in Conch and was so crazy about it, I bought the Dahlia and Florentina shades as well. If I had to choose just one product from this brand forever, it would be this. The Multi Pot is ideal for anyone who wants to look pretty, vibrant, and poIished without spending a lot of time and effort. This product is my go-to for everyday wear. It stays on all day as well (although you may like to reapply on lips as it does start to fade just a little after drinking out of a glass). I love that you can control the amount of color by layering. The shades I purchased look great on my fair skin with cool undertones (love that Gabriel also tells which products are cool/warm/neutral). One hint: I like to put lip balm on under the product for a better application on my lips, as it can feel a bit dry. Highly recommend the Multi Pot for effortless beauty!

  18. DMarieP (verified owner)

    I just received Florentina. Very disappointed since the descriptor said that the color is “Burgundy Rose”. This color is neither. It’s a brown/peach? No rose at all that I can see. I chose it because I really didn’t want shimmer or sparkle so was hoping this color would be as described. Speaking of shimmer – it also has a little of that. Definitely not as described. I’m a redhead with pale skin. This just looks brown on me. I also bought the Pale Ivory foundation and it is a win. I lucked out there. I don’t how everyone buys make-up online like this as it just seems to be guesswork. : (

  19. Janice

    Multi-purpose pots Florentine for cheeks and Peony for a highlighter or to tone it down a bit–I’m 65 years old, medium olive mature skin. Non drying and adds just the right amount of shimmer. Also use Peony for upper eyelids along with Gabriel charcoal shadow and to add a bit of shimmer to lip color (clay or florentine). Peony adds a warm summer glow on my skin even by itself.

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