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6 Beauty Tips & Tricks That Will Save You Time in the Morning

Posted on February 26 2020

6 Beauty Tips & Tricks That Will Save You Time in the Morning

When you’re short on time or energy, the last thing you want to do is go through your full-length beauty routine—but you also don’t want to leave the house without looking put together.

So how can you get out the door more quickly? Feel free to hit the snooze button and thank us when you still have time to stop for iced coffee after scrolling through the six shortcuts we’ve compiled below.

Know Your Stash. A five-minute face is doable, but only if you keep your products organized. Knowing exactly where everything is stored can often cut your time in half. Better yet—start planning out your makeup look while you shower or do your hair.

Hydrate Your Skin. Your plan of attack should be to give your skin a glowing appearance by applying a nourishing and protective Moisturizer, Serum, and/or Primer. This will ensure that your makeup sits evenly and won’t appear cakey or haphazard.

Skip Foundation. Opt for Concealer instead—it will provide extra coverage in any problem areas and is easier and quicker to apply. Swipe it under your eyes to make them look more awake, and then over any blemishes or red spots. Simply blend and you’re good to go.

Pick a Focus. A few coats of black mascara, a good brow pencil, or a hydrating lipstick can work wonders in a matter of minutes. Rather than wasting time on liquid eyeliner or a full contour, instead concentrate on highlighting your best features. When it comes down to it, perfectly groomed eyebrows or a bold lip always appear pulled together.

Go Monochrome. Instead of using different shades for your eyeshadow, blush, and lip color, reach for a multi-use product like our Multi Pot that works for all three areas. The buildable shades start off sheer and are easily blendable, making application quick and mistake-proof.

Be Cleanup-Ready. Have a package of Cosmetic Wipes on hand in case you need to fix or clean up any mistakes you made while rushing through the get-ready process.

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