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Popsicle Lips: Here’s How To Rock the Summer Trend

Posted on July 11 2017

Popsicle Lips: Here’s How To Rock the Summer Trend

The sunshine is here and popsicle season is in full swing. Your favorite cool treat has inspired one of summer’s biggest beauty trends that’s still going strong several years in—popsicle lips—and it’s super easy to DIY.

What exactly is a popsicle pout? The gradient lip look is basically a softly smudged stain featuring saturated color in the middle of your pucker that seeps out to the corners of the mouth. Think: what your lips looked like after eating a cherry popsicle as a kid.

Try the trend yourself and follow the three simple steps below.

    1. Pick your stain: Choose a glossy, pigmented lipstick with heavy staying power that will last all day and not melt off in the heat. Our favorite shades? Anything bold. Opt for our Lipstick in Coral, Starlet, Sheer Pink, Meritage, Ultra Violet, or Beso Beso.
    2. Prep your pout: Ensure that your look stays put by prepping your lips with our Lip Primer. It will smooth and define your pucker for longer lasting color that won’t fade or feather.
    3. Get your blend on: Achieving popsicle lips may seem daunting, but it’s actually fairly simple. The key is to skip the liner and brush, and apply color straight from the tube using your fingers to blend. Grab some of your preferred shade with your index finger and press the color into the center of the lips, where the full pigment will be. Then drag the color out just past the lip line and softly blend.

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