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13 Frosted Lipsticks for Winter

Posted on January 08 2019

13 Frosted Lipsticks for Winter

It’s time to frost yourselves.

The beauty world’s obsession with ‘90s nostalgia isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and the latest comeback trend is frosted lipstick. But this isn’t the often unflattering pearl finish from decades past—today’s hits feature finer opalescent particles which means a smoother finish, even application, more dimension, and maximum light reflexivity for an illusion of fuller lips. Even better? The background shades will complement every skin tone—think rich berries, subtle bronzes, and warm neutrals rather than bubblegum pinks, chalky whites, and washed out browns.

Pro Tip: to keep your look new and chic, we recommend avoiding shimmer on the rest of your face when wearing an iced lipstick—let your pout do all the talking.

Scroll down to check out our favorite frosty hues.

  1. Siren: the most vibrant medium coral with a gold frost
  2. Icon: this medium pinkish purple has a cool frost
  3. Wild Orchid: the perfect pink rose finished with a gold frost
  4. Seashell: this is a warm and deep frosted neutral peach
  5. Patina: a warmly frosted and slightly metallic champagne
  6. Siesta: light peach accented by a cool frost
  7. Sin: an intense gold frosted reddish brown
  8. Copper Glaze: a warmly frosted sandy pink
  9. Temptress: bronzed grape topped with an icy frost
  10. Aurora: this classic bronze has a neutral frost
  11. Vegas: a vibrantly frosted shiny copper penny
  12. Dune: soft platinum pink with a matching icy frost
  13. Velour: this mid-tone plum has a hint of cool frost

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