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10 Lipstick Colors We Love Right Now

Posted on July 25 2017

10 Lipstick Colors We Love Right Now

With summer in full swing, there’s no better time than now to try out a fresh lip color.

But which of our over fifty shades should you go for? You can’t go wrong with any of our long lasting and super moisturizing hues – which are also vegan, certified gluten free, and non-toxic – but we’ve selected a group of our favorites to provide you with some inspiration.

From deep tones to eye-catching bolds and subtle neutrals, check out the ten lipstick colors below that we’ll be applying to our pout as the season rages on.

  1. Sheer Pink: This bubble gum pink is a great alternative to red and makes the same impact.
  2. Coral: Nothing screams summer nights like this vibrant orange.
  3. Beso Beso: A shimmering raspberry pink that works for every season.
  4. Chocolate Cherry: Go dark but keep it cool with this reddish brown.
  5. Santa Fe: Channel the sunset and rock this warm red orange.
  6. Ultra Violet: Switch out your maroon for this medium purple with a touch of shine.
  7. Velour: Our frosted plum makes a statement and goes great with a tan.
  8. Starlet: Pack some major punch with this candy apple red.
  9. Taupe: This creamy honey beige is the perfect alternative to a darker neutral.
  10. Siren: A muted orange with a hint of gold that will instantly brighten up your look.

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