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Your 4 Biggest Winter Skin Problems—Solved

Posted on February 07 2024

Your 4 Biggest Winter Skin Problems—Solved

Nothing takes a toll on your skin quite like the winter weather, a fact that many of us know all too well.

But what happens when an unwanted guestlike dryness, puffiness, or inflammationtakes up residence on your face? Aside from being good to yourself by getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, it’s all about going back to basics and focusing on nursing your complexion to health. Because let’s face it: there’s nothing more important than having a radiant and flawless base.

Follow these tips to solve your worst skin woes this season and beyond.

Problem: Dry Skin from Cold Weather

Solution: Frigid temps and long distance travel instantly steal moisture from your skin. Try using our Hydrating Mask, which contains an active formula of blue green algae, chamomile, vitamin E, aloe, amino acids, and plant extracts precisely blended to provide just the amount of hydration and resiliency needed for all skin types. Need more moisture? Try our Hydrating Skin Care Series.

Problem: Breakouts from Bad Foods

Solution: To prevent pores from getting clogged and causing acne, we recommend daily use of an invigorating and purifying face wash like our Purifying Gel Cleanser. It will deep clean and refine your face’s surface in no time at all. Follow it up with our Purifying Tonic and Purifying Moisturizer for best results.

Problem: Inflammation from Stress

Solution: In need of a quick skin fix? Our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist will do the trick. The exhilarating blend of naturally sourced ingredients (like rosemary, green tea, yerba mate, chamomile, and sea fennel) gently tones and replenishes “tired” skin. Bonus: it can be used on your entire body.

Problem: Tired Skin from Lack of Sleep

Solution: If you just can’t get in your usual eight hours, our Advanced Polypeptides Searum will instantly provide the vital moisture that dull and lackluster skin craves. It contains beneficial vitamins and minerals essential that promote a healthy, glowing complexion and it has a 24-hour time-release moisture delivery system that helps to balance and maintain your skin’s moisture level all day while protecting it from environmental damage and premature aging. 

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