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16 Effortless Red & Pink Picks for Valentine’s Day

Posted on January 31 2024

16 Effortless Red & Pink Picks for Valentine’s Day

Wearing red and pink for Valentine's Day isn't exactly groundbreaking, but that doesn't mean the traditional shades still don't pack a romantic punch. To help you get in a festive mood, we've rounded up our favorite makeup products in the two hues—from flushed pink cheeks to a glossy red lip and baby pink nails.

Check out our top picks in the classic Valentine's Day shades below.

  1. Lipstick in Viva Magenta
  2. Matte Luxe Lip in Flamingo
  3. Powder Blush in Vibrant Pink
  4. Classic Lip Liner in Red
  5. Lip Color in Dollhouse Pink
  6. Lip Pencil in Fraise
  7. Nail Polish in Classic Red
  8. Sheer Gloss in Caliente
  9. Nail Polish in Bloom
  10. Lip Color in Truth or Dare
  11. Nail Polish in Lotus
  12. Mineral Blush in Nymph
  13. Lipstick in Mauve
  14. Lip Color in Starlet
  15. Sheer Gloss in Cosmopolitan
  16. Eyeshadow in Platinum

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