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5 Unexpected Places to Wear Highlighter

Posted on February 14 2024

5 Unexpected Places to Wear Highlighter

When it comes to highlighter, most of us are familiar with the basics—apply it to the high points of your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and the top of your lip. But have you ever thought a little more out of the box? Keep reading for five unexpected places to wear highlighter that will seriously upgrade your glow game.

Your Inner Brow Bone: Tap highlighter here for a radiant sheen when you look up.

Your TemplesSwipe highlighter on your temples just above your brow to naturally lift your face.

Your Jaw: Emphasize your bone structure by applying highlighter along your jawline.

Your Eyelids: Brighten and define your eyes by dabbing highlighter in the only the center of your eyelids.

Your DécolletéDon't forget your collarbone and shoulders! Pat highlighter here for all-over radiance.

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