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Trend To Try: Over-the-Top Blush

Posted on May 27 2020

Trend To Try: Over-the-Top Blush

Make a splash in one of the season’s hottest makeup trends—bold blush.

Get your cheeks in on the fun by taking your typically toned-down look up several notches by adding a pop of bright pink, shimmering peach, or warm raspberry to your face courtesy of your favorite blush. While we prefer to pair dramatic cheeks with a few swipes of mascara, some natural eyeshadow, and a subtle tint of gloss on the lips, feel free to mix it up with different makeup pairings and application techniques.

Read on for our over-the-top blush how-to.

Using a small, dome-shaped Blush Brush apply your Blush shade of choice with a heavy hand to the apples of your cheeks. If you prefer a cream blush, like our blendable and buildable Multi Pots, use your fingertips to apply the product and layer it on until you achieve your desired depth of color.

Next, blend the powder or cream blush past the apples of your cheeks upwards towards your temples and downwards onto the lower cheek area. Use your brush or fingertips to soften the edges as needed.

For a sun-kissed look, lightly dab the blush onto the bridge of your nose. Looking to take the trend a step further? Extend the blush up onto your eyelids, or use it to add some monochrome color to your lips by applying it underneath a clear lip gloss.

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