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Get To Know: Our Face Masks

Posted on May 20 2020

Get To Know: Our Face Masks

Face masks can play an important supporting role when you’re dealing with excessively dry, oily, or uneven skin, but what mask should you use and at what point in your skin care routine do you use it?

The right face mask will instantly boost your skin’s tone and radiance, and is rich with beneficial ingredients like antioxidants, emollients, and humectants to bring skin back to its best form. Simply take your skin type, complexion issues, and the effect you’re going for into consideration when choosing a mask and you’ll be glowing in no time. When it comes to applying your mask of choice, follow the typically simple directions on the product, making sure not to leave it on longer than suggested. No matter what type of mask you’re using, always cleanse your skin first. If the face mask needs to be rinsed off, apply it after cleansing but before the rest of your skin care routine. If the face mask needs to be left on overnight, apply it as the final step in your skin care routine—feel free to skip your regular moisturizer in this case.

We break down our different face masks and how to use them below.

Seaweed Hydrating Mask
The purpose of a hydrating mask is to lock in moisture and improve the allover appearance of uneven skin. Our Seaweed Hydrating Mask does just that, as it contains an active formula of blue green algae, amino acids, and plant extracts that are precisely blended to provide the right amount of hydration and resiliency needed for all skin types (it’s extremely beneficial for those who have dry skin or combination skin). It’s also packed with vitamin E and aloe vera help to soothe and heal minor skin irritations, which makes it the ideal mask to calm the effects of excessive sun exposure.

Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask
The goal of a mud or clay mask is to help clean out your pores and leave your skin shine-free, but not dried out. Our Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask is a mineral-rich clay mask that cleanses and purifies the skin by absorbing surface impurities and excess sebum. Seaweed helps to smooth and soothe, while sea kelp and aloe vera provide humectants and anti-irritants to moisturize and heal skin. While it works for all skin types, it’s particularly beneficial for those with excessively oily skin, acne, or a shiny T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin).

Don’t feel like you have to stick to using just one mask at a time, either. One of our favorite ways to utilize these skin care products is by “multi-masking,” which is simply using or layering multiple masks on your face simultaneously with the goal of combating all of your complexion concerns at once. For example, apply the Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask to your T-zone to absorb surface impurities and excess oil and apply the Seaweed Hydrating Mask to your cheeks and neck to promote hydration and elasticity—your skin will be at its best in no time.

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