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The ~Correct~ Amount of Each Skin Care Product to Use

Posted on September 28 2022

The ~Correct~ Amount of Each Skin Care Product to Use

We’ve broken down the correct order to apply your skin care products, but have you ever wondered how much of each product you should use? We’re taking out the guesswork (so you don’t waste a single drop of precious product!).

Scroll down for our expert tips on the correct amount of each skin care product to use, and how best to apply it.

There’s no need to use a ton of cleanser, one squeeze or pump—roughly a dime-sized amount—should be enough to cleanse your entire face and neck. If your cleanser is non-lathering (cream-based), you can use slightly more. Simply mix your cleanser with lukewarm water and rub it in upward motions on your face, rinse with cool water, and then pat your face dry. 

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Spray about a quarter-sized amount into your palm or onto a reusable cotton round if you plan to use the product on your entire face—if you are only targeting problem areas (like the T-zone) you can use slightly less. Sweep the liquid over the desired areas and let it soak in.

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When it comes to serum, a little goes a long way. Roughly a dime-sized amount is enough to cover your entire face, neck, and chest—squeeze it into your hand or apply it directly onto the skin and gently pat it in.

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Eye Cream
The eye area may be small, but this isn’t the place to skimp. Use a pea-sized amount to thoroughly hydrate the skin around both of your eyes (not just underneath) and use your ring finger to gently tap it into your skin to avoid excess pressure on the delicate eye area skin. 

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Skin type is a major factor in how much moisturizer you need—for normal to combination skin, a nickel-sized amount is sufficient, but if you have dry or dehydrated skin you will likely need to use more. Gently rub the product in upward circles across your whole face, adding more if necessary. 

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We can’t stress enough that you need to wear sunscreen 365 days a year, no matter what the weather. For just your face, a nickel-sized dollop should do the trick—apply it at the end of your skin care routine, but before putting on makeup.

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