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How To Highlight (Not Cover Up!) Your Freckles With Makeup

Posted on June 09 2020

How To Highlight (Not Cover Up!) Your Freckles With Makeup

If there’s one thing we know about freckles, it’s that they always look better when you embrace them. While many of us with the sun-kissed beauty marks might be inclined to cover them up with makeup, we implore you to use your favorite beauty products to show them off. The ultimate goal? For your skin to be the star of the show, not what you put on it.

Scroll down for a guide on how to successfully apply makeup that will let your freckles shine through.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate
Skin that is smooth and polished will help your freckles stand out—we recommend using our Red Seaweed Gentle Exfoliator—which contains red seaweed, aloe vera, rosemary, jojoba, and is enriched with vitamin E—two to three times a week to refine surface texture.

Moisturize & Apply Sunscreen
After going through your skin care routine, apply your favorite moisturizer to infuse your skin with hydration. Then lather on SPF 30 (or higher) to protect your face as the final step before applying your makeup. (For more info on how to wear sunscreen and makeup together, check out this post).

Keep Things Lightweight
Avoid using heavy, full coverage concealer and foundation and instead opt for lightweight (or even sheer) concealer and foundation to cover any dark circles or blemishes—try our Cream Concealer and Oil-Free Liquid Foundation. Better yet? Skip foundation altogether and apply your concealer on problem areas and finish your look off with a perfecting powder like our Mosaic Illuminator. The most crucial key with freckles is not to overdo it with products that hide or diminish them.

Go Sheer With Blush
Once your makeup base is flawless, brighten up the apples of your cheeks with your favorite shade of powder blush or select a cream formula like our Multi Pot for a sheer pop of color—make sure not to go overboard, and instead focus on achieving a slightly flushed, sun-kissed look. Choosing a bright shade, like an apricot or hot pink, will make your freckles pop.

Bronzer & Highlighter
Apply a light layer of your favorite highlighter or bronzer with a fluffy powder brush to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the arch of your brow, and your cupid’s bow to really get those freckles glowing. Pass on contouring altogether so the focus is on your skin. In the end, you can keep it fresh and natural or make it glam and bold because freckles go well with everything.

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