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How To Get Sun-Kissed Skin (Without the Sun!)

Posted on July 08 2020

How To Get Sun-Kissed Skin (Without the Sun!)

Radiant skin is the ultimate pick-me-up—there’s just something about a healthy glow that brightens your mood. The good news? You don’t need to spend all summer on the beach to get a golden sheen! Natural, sun-kissed is achievable right inside your own home.

Scroll down for 11 products that will help you to get that summer look all year-round, no passport, plane ticket, or sunshine required.

Cream Highlighter: Our delicate cream highlighter illuminates your complexion with sheer color for an instant natural glow, and the silky texture blends super easily into the skin.

Mineral Bronzer: With just the right amount of shimmer, this velvety smooth bronzer instantly gives your complexion a gorgeous sun-kissed touch that will make you look fresh from the beach.

Advanced Polypeptides Searum: Packed with powerful, all-natural ingredients and a concentrated blend of polypeptides, this serum protects, nourishes, and rejuvenates your skin, all while protecting it from environmental damage and giving you a dewy gleam.

Liquid Radiance: This celestial illuminator has a unique lightweight and buildable formula, and the innovative rollerball applicator makes it quick and easy to apply on the go.

Blush in Haze: Warm up your complexion with this raspberry cheek color—the iridescent shimmer gives it an added punch.

Red Seaweed Exfoliator: Gently polish your skin with this red seaweed and vitamin E enriched exfoliator that cleanses skin and refines surface texture to give you a flawless base.

Multi Pot in Magnolia: This 3-in-1 blendable and buildable product for eyes, lips, and cheeks in this shimmering bronze shade will be your new makeup BFF.

Mineral Highlighter: Create a glow that’s good for you and let your natural light shine through with this long-wear, mineral powder highlighter that features luminescent pigments to cast a lit-from-within shimmer.

Sea Mineral Hydra Mist: Use this versatile product to gently tone and remineralize your skin, refresh and hydrate your entire body, and prime and set your makeup.

Mosaic Illuminator: This dual-purpose product captures light and covers imperfections to give your complexion a radiant and luminous finish that doesn’t overpower.

Seaweed Hydrating Mask: Use this mask several times a week to soothe, hydrate, and calm your skin—the result will be a healthy, glowing complexion.

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