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How To Apply Lipstick To Dry Lips

Posted on February 03 2021

How To Apply Lipstick To Dry Lips

If you have chapped lips, wearing lipstick—especially a matte formula—can be tricky. Not only does it feel a little gross, but it also looks flaky and uneven. And while changes to your lifestyle (like drinking more water) will help your chapped lips in the long run, that doesn’t help when you want to swipe on your favorite bold hue tonight! 

Help heal your pout and prep it for your favorite lip color by following the steps below.

Get Your Exfoliate On
Whip up a DIY lip scrub using sugar or coffee grounds, or reach for one that’s gentle enough to use on your delicate skin, like our Gentle Exfoliator. Rub it softly in small circles on your lips and wipe it completely off with warm water and a towel.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Add a burst of hydration to your lips by applying coconut oil, chapstick, or even an eye cream—our Renewing Eye Cream is a great option. This will plump up your pout and help heal any cracked skin.

Don't Forget to Prime
Don’t skip this step! Smooth, define, and prime your lips with a Lip Primer by applying a light layer of product over your pout. This will give another layer of protection to your lips and provide maximum staying power for long-wearing color that won’t stray, fade, or feather.

Lock It In With Lip Liner
Line your lips with Lip Liner starting at the center of your cupid’s bow, and work from the center to outer edges following the contour of your mouth. While this is optional, a good lip liner will outline, define, and enhance the natural shape of your lips without pulling or smudging, and will assist in keeping your color in place.

Apply That Lipstick
Choose your favorite hydrating Lipstick—ours are formulated with ingredients like jojoba seed oil and aloe to nourish and lock in moisture—and apply it with your finger, a Lip Brush, or straight from the tube.

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