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How To Choose the Right Shade of Lipstick

Posted on March 13 2018

How To Choose the Right Shade of Lipstick

So many shades of Lipstick, so little time. Choosing the hue that will flatter you best doesn’t need to be a daunting task—it’s actually quite simple, and it all comes down to your skin’s undertone. This little detail is essential in determining which lip colors will best complement your complexion.

Check out our guidelines below, but remember that these aren’t hard and fast rules! The lipstick you choose to rock is ultimately up to you, and what matters most is that it makes you feel gorgeous.


Those with cool undertones tend to have fairer skin—if the dominant hues in your face have a blue-pink-red tint, then you fall into this category. What lipstick shades work best for you? Go for blue-based reds and pinks or jewel hues like magentas, wines, and berries for a rich contrast.

Our Picks: Beso Beso, Vino De Amor, Pomegranate, Icon, Ultra Violet, Meritage, and Mauve.


You fall into this category if your undertones are tinted golden, yellow, or olive—typically those that tan or bronze easily. What lipstick shades work best for you? Opt for fiery reds and bright oranges, deep brown-based shades like plum and chocolate, and yellow-based nudes.

Our Picks: Coral, Starlet, Sin, Currant, Taupe, Chocolate Cherry, and Vegas.


If you find it difficult to determine your undertones, you likely fall in the neutral category—a blend of warm and cool colors. What lipstick shades work best for you? Selections from either category will flatter your complexion, but heavily pigmented hues along with fruity and floral options are top choices.

Our Picks: Passion Flower, Clay, Santa Fe, Femme Fatale, Dollhouse Pink, Siren, and Sheer Rose.

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