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7 Double-Duty Beauty Products We Love

Posted on April 09 2019

7 Double-Duty Beauty Products We Love

What's not to love about a multi-use beauty product? Not only do they produce less waste, they can also save you some cash, are extremely useful for traveling, and are perfect for when you have limited storage space in your bathroom.

We’ve rounded up all the beauty products that have the best double-duty powers below.

Clear Mascara
Ever been at a loss for how to use clear mascara? It’s actually one of our favorite double-duty products that has multiple uses—it's a great brow gel when you don’t want added color, an amazing mascara primer to add volume, and it can tame hair flyaways.

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Cream Blush
Arguably the best thing about cream blush is that it allows you to totally customize your look. The buildable formula looks natural but can be layered on to achieve a bigger impact. What might be even better, however, is that the 3-in-1 product can also be used on your eyes and lips.

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Dual Powder Foundation
No need for a foundation and a powder—our Dual Powder Foundation can be used as both. Simply apply it with a powder brush or a dry sponge for an ultra-matte finish or use a moist sponge for a sheer, fresh appearance.
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Sea Mineral Hydra Mist
Our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist is the versatile product you never knew you needed—it can be used to refresh and hydrate your entire body and replenish “tired” skin with a few spritzes, but it can also be used to prime and set your makeup.

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Forgot blush or need an unplanned flush? In a pinch, lipstick can be used on your cheeks to add some color. However, it can clog your pores—so don’t make it part of your daily routine.

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Powder Blush
You can use your favorite powder blush to create an on-trend monochromatic look. Simply swipe it on your cheeks as usual and then apply it on your eyelids with a heavier hand. We prefer a bright pink or apricot shade.

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Not only can concealer be used to mask blemishes and hide dark circles, it can also be used to brighten your eyes and contour your cheeks—use it as an eyeshadow primer or lip primer when you're in a pinch. If needed, it can also act as a substitute for liquid foundation when mixed with your moisturizer.

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