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6 Genius Ways to Spice Up Your Makeup Routine in 2017

Posted on January 04 2017

6 Genius Ways to Spice Up Your Makeup Routine in 2017

Searching for a New Year’s beauty resolution? Look no further. If you want to revamp your makeup routine in 2017, no need to make any drastic changes. In fact, one new product (or two!) will do the trick. From a fresh way to apply your lip color to a smoky eye switch-up, the following tips will surely make you feel ready to take on the next twelve months.


  1. Go blurry on your lips

For a soft, fresh look that you can wear everyday, skip your lipstick and opt for one of our Multi Pots. Tap on the creamy color and dab along the outer edges with a cotton swab to blend any sharp lines.


  1. Get playful with your eyeliner

Pass on black and choose Amethyst (a deep orchid purple), Nile (a cool peacock green), Storm (a deep midnight blue), or Azure (a cool ocean blue) instead – our quick-drying Liquid Eyeliner delivers ultimate precision to line, shape, and define your eyes. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try a wavy wing instead of hugging your lash line.


  1. Use gloss everywhere

Our Lip Gloss in Crystal is the perfect way to create a sheer sheen, but not just on your pout. Don’t be afraid to dab it on your lids or cheekbones for a dewy look.


  1. Know that blue is in

Don’t be afraid to go bold and draw it on thick. The best place to add a pop of the cool color is on your peepers – try our Eyeliner in Navy and don’t be afraid to layer it on. Want something a bit lighter? Go for our Eyeshadow in Ice Princess (cadet blue with a sheen) or Skylar (a shimmering baby blue).


  1. Try a bolder blush

We’re currently partial to Vibrant Pink, but if you’re keener on orange-based hues, Sunset – a warm apricot – will do the trick. Apply it higher on your cheekbones for added impact.


  1. Opt for a colorful smoky eye
Sound counter-intuitive? It will certainly turn heads. Our Amazon Glam Palette is packed with energizing shades (think peach, copper, and terracotta) that will let you leave gray behind.

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