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5 Winter Color Trends To Wear from Now ‘Til Spring

Posted on January 12 2022

5 Winter Color Trends To Wear from Now ‘Til Spring

Sometimes winter gets a bad rap, but chilly weather doesn’t have to mean dreary colors. In fact, this season’s trendiest shades will have you seeing rainbows. 

Scroll down to check out our five favorite hues to wear right now—just add a chunky knit sweater, fun coat or a few cozy accessories.

1. Chrome: Add some glitz and glam to the winter weather with this metallic silver shade.

Products to try: Nail Polish in Chrome, Mineral Eyeshadow in Gem, Precision Liquid Liner in Black Pearl, Nail Polish in Moonstone

2. Emerald: Jewel tones are having a moment, and this rich green is at the top of our list.

Products to try: Eye Defining Pencil in Leaf, Mineral Eyeshadow in Vinyl, Precision Liquid Liner in Nile

3. Violet: We’re loving this luxe purple color and the depth it brings to any look.

Products to try: Precision Liquid Liner in Amethyst, Lip Color in Ultra Violet, Nail Polish in Lilac Blossom, Lipstick in Velour, Mineral Eyeshadow in Dusk, Eye Defining Pencil in Indigo

4. White: Whether you choose to go classic or edgy, winter whites always feel fresh.

Products to try: Eyeshadow in Bone, Eye Defining Pencil in Snow, Nail Polish in Cloud, Liquid Radiance in Halo, Mineral Eyeshadow in Frostbite

5. Flame: Brighten up the season’s dark days with a pop of traffic cone orange or fiery red.

Products to try: Lipstick in Coral, Mineral Blush in Sunset, Matte Luxe Lip in Poppy, Classic Lip Liner in Red, Lip Color in Siren, Nail Polish in Hibiscus, Sheer Gloss in Caliente

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