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6 Things To Add To Your Winter Skin Care Arsenal

Posted on January 05 2022

6 Things To Add To Your Winter Skin Care Arsenal

Suffering from tight skin, chapped lips, or cracked hands? It’s time to winter-proof your skin care routine from head to toe. All you need to do is make a few simple swaps and necessary additions that will help your skin adapt to the colder and dryer environment that the season brings.

Keep your skin happily hydrated all winter long with our picks below.

A repairing mask. The active formula of seaweed and plant extracts in our Hydrating Mask is precisely blended to provide just the right amount of hydration and resiliency needed for all skin types. Chamomile has been added to maximize the hydrating benefits, while vitamin E and aloe vera help to soothe parched skin.

A high-performance moisturizer. Soothing seaweed and sunflower are key ingredients in our high performance Hydrating Cream, which dramatically increases moisture in dry and lackluster complexions. The exclusive blend of vitamin E has been added to protect the skin from environmental insults.

A multi-purpose serum. Our Advanced Polypeptides Searum looks to the ocean for it’s powerful, all-natural ingredients, as well as a concentrated blend of polypeptides, to protect, nourish and rejuvenate skin. A 24-hour time-release moisture delivery system helps to balance and maintain skin’s moisture level all day, while protecting it from environmental damage.

A rich eye cream. Our light and soothing Renewing Eye Cream contains seaweed and chamomile to supply continuous moisture to the delicate eye area, while vitamins, botanical extracts, and herbs help to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. An added bonus? it doubles as a lip treatment when your pout is feeling super dry.

A moisture-rich cleanser. The rich formulation of aloe vera, kelp, and other cleansing emollients in our Hydrating Cream Cleanser help to remove skin dulling cell debris and surface impurities while keeping your complexion touchably soft. Ginger has been added to leave delicate skin feeling fresh and rehydrated.

A hydrating lotion. Our easily absorbed and lightweight Hand & Body Lotion is enriched with ultra-hydrating white seaweed along with active plant oils to eliminate dryness and dramatically improve the texture and elasticity of dry and lackluster skin, while added safflower seed oil regulates and stabilizes the natural pH of skin.

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