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7 Tricks to Stop Your Mascara from Clumping

Posted on February 21 2024

7 Tricks to Stop Your Mascara from Clumping

From time to time, clumpy Mascara pops up on the runways and subsequently becomes a trend—but for the majority of us, mascara clumps in our eyelashes are a no-go. So how do you prevent the dreaded spidery look? Read on for six tricks that will prevent your mascara from clumping and prolong the life of your favorite tube.

Start With a Clean Slate. Make sure all traces of your makeup from the day before are gone—any leftover or flaky product will create buildup that prevents a smooth application. Try our Gentle Eye Makeup Remover—it’s highly effective, but won’t irritate your peepers.

Always Wiggle Your Wand. Lightly wiggling your mascara wand as you apply it will give you a more even layers sans clumps. Hold the brush at the root of your lashes and wiggle it back forth as you make your way to the tip of the lashes.

Never Pump Your Wand. Don’t pump your wand in and out of the mascara tube—this injects air into the product that will speed up the drying-out process, which creates clumps. Twist as you pull out the wand instead to get an even amount of mascara on the applicator.

Know When to Toss Your Mascara. The shelf life of mascara begins when you open it, and it’s best to toss the old tube and buy a new one after about three months.

"Prime" Your LashesInstead of applying multiple coats of your black or brown mascara, try swiping on a coat of our Luxe Mascara in Clear first. This will lock in moisture and give your lashes extra volume.

Try No to Overdo It. When it comes to coats, stick with two as a general limit—anything more will weigh down your lashes and start to give you that spidery look. Always let the first layer dry for at least 30 seconds before applying another.

Don’t Add Water. If your mascara is drying out and hasn’t reached its expiration date, try soaking the tube in a cup of warm water. This will help soften the formula and make it less clumpy, but it won’t dilute it and will allow you to use every last bit.

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