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13 Sparkling Lip Colors for Summer

Posted on July 23 2019

13 Sparkling Lip Colors for Summer

It’s time to get your sparkle on.

Shimmer and glitter are one of the hottest trends of the season, and what better way to try out the craze than on your pout? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite reflective lip colors that will add some much needed dazzle to your life right now—you shouldn’t have to wait until the holidays to shine bright like a diamond.

Pro Tip: to keep your look new and chic, we recommend avoiding glitter on the rest of your face when wearing a shimmery lipstick—let your pout do all the talking.

Scroll down to check out our favorite sparkling hues.

  1. Maple Shimmer: this muted berry hue has a cool shimmer
  2. Ambrosia: a rosy gloss infused with gold shimmer
  3. Lux: a striking and warm shimmering copper red
  4. Cosmopolitan: this glossy bubblegum pink has a cool shimmer
  5. Coral: the most vibrant coral with gold shimmer
  6. Love Spell: the perfect rose gold finished with a touch of shimmer
  7. Beso Beso: a statement-making shimmering raspberry pink
  8. Luscious: this muted coral features a soft shimmer
  9. Golden Bronze: a vibrantly shimmering gold-toned sandy peach
  10. Nectar: a warm and shimmering deep bronzed berry gloss
  11. Liquid Bliss: the ideal warm shimmering champagne nude
  12. Indulgence: this intense reddish plum is topped off with a gold shimmer
  13. Uber: this ideal top layer is a clear gold shimmer

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