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World Oceans Day

Hello Beauties,

I am honored to share that in an effort to do our part in protecting and preserving the Earth, we have partnered with Ocean Preservation Society (OPS) for what I hope to be a long lasting and successful corporate partnership. For many years, I have admired the work OPS does for ocean conservancy and greatly respect how they promote their advocacy through creative expression. With that said, I was inspired to take our love for the ocean into the field to align with an organization that also shares our passions.

Having founded my company on using the miraculous healing properties of the ocean, it was important to me to work with an organization that was perfectly aligned with our philosophies. In getting to know their team, I learned that in addition to dedicating their time and hard work to our environment, many members live a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle. It couldn’t be a better fit!

Together, we are passionate about providing education on preserving the oceans, protecting endangered species and saving our planet. We are looking forward to donating a portion of our sales to support the organization’s mission to expose complex global environmental issues and promote advocacy through the use of film, photography, social media, and collaboration.


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