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Why You Should Exfoliate Before Using a Face Mask

Posted on May 18 2022

Why You Should Exfoliate Before Using a Face Mask

We love applying a face mask, especially when dealing with excessively dry, oily, or uneven skin—but did you know that the trick to helping your masks work more effectively is exfoliation? 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when using a mask is not prepping your skin properly. Using a gentle exfoliator (like our version formulated with aloe vera, jojoba esters, rosemary, and vitamin E) before masking will break down and remove the dead skin cells on your face so that the mask can provide maximum benefits to the newer, younger cells underneath. This removal of the dead layer of cells on the surface will also open and unclog your pores, making it easier for your skin to absorb the ingredients in your face mask and allowing them to penetrate deeper and therefore have a bigger impact.

The exception to this rule? Don’t exfoliate before doing a peel or using a mask with chemical exfoliates—it can cause too much stress for your skin and lead to irritation, dryness or inflammation.

For more on how often to exfoliate your skin check out this post and for more on masking check out this post.

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