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Trend To Try: Rainbow Nails

Posted on March 12 2019

Trend To Try: Rainbow Nails

Can’t choose a nail color? If you’re as indecisive as we are when it comes to polish shades, we’ve got some amazing news—you no longer have to narrow it down to just one hue, because rainbow nails are officially a trend.

This playful manicure allows you to wear all of your favorite spring shades at once. Simple apply a different one on each nail, mirrored on both hands. To pull off the look, you need to pick up five complementary but distinctive colors. And to make it easy, we’ve done all the work for you. The quintuple of polishes in our Ephemeral Beauty Nail Collection—Rose Quartz, Wave, Breeze, Cactus, and Moonstone—make the perfect seasonal grouping inspired by a poetic and magical embrace of nature’s elements; light, water, air, and vegetation.

Pick up the entire Ephemeral Beauty Nail Collection here.

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