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Trend To Try: Butterfly Eyeliner

Posted on June 01 2022

Trend To Try: Butterfly Eyeliner

Y2K beauty is having a serious moment, and one of our favorite reinterpretations of trends past is butterfly eyeliner. That's right—the butterfly motif is back, and it’s going beyond butterfly lashes, butterfly hair clips, and butterfly baby tees and fluttering into the realm of eyeliner. 

While many Gen Z’ers are wearing the trend in a more literal sense—think drawing actual butterfly shapes on their faces or floating renditions of butterfly wings around their eyes—we’re loving the more subtle and minimalist way of jumping on the trend that we’ve seen pop up on our social feeds. The more wearable version of the trend takes inspiration from the vivid colors of butterflies like bright blue, saturated orange, and vibrant purple along with the shape of the insect’s wing to create a pretty two-toned look.

To try butterfly eyeliner, start by applying a nude shade of eyeshadow to your lids—we like one with some iridescence or shimmer to add to the vibe, like our Mineral Eyeshadow in Eternity or Vixen. Next, use a black or brown liner (either liquid or pencil will work depending on your preference) to draw a delicate but pronounced wing on the top lash line. Then use colored eyeliner (for this we prefer a pencil or even a saturated eyeshadow so that you can smudge it out a bit) to draw along the waterline and lower lash line and wing it out to meet the top liner. Complete the look with a few coats of mascara to get those ultra fluttery lashes. 

Feel free to play around with a whole rainbow of shades—our current favorites are our Eye Defining Pencil in Indigo or Ocean and our Mineral Eyeshadow in Graffiti—but really any shade that pops against your skin will work.

Check out our inspiration below:

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