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The Trick To Getting a Multi-Dimensional Blush Look

Posted on October 19 2022

The Trick To Getting a Multi-Dimensional Blush Look

What’s the easiest way to shape and lift your face in under a minute? The ombré blush hack.

All you need to try the trend is two shades of liquid or cream blush, one light and one dark. Why more than one shade? It’s all about the impact of that ombré effect. Mixing two contrasting or complementary shades of blush adds a new level of dimension to the cheek area while subtly contouring and lifting your face, resulting in a more 3D blush look.

Ready to jump on the ~flushed~ bandwagon?

1. Start by applying several dots of your lighter blush shade to the apples of your cheeks. We love shades like baby pink, peach, rose, and coral—try our Multi Pot in Peony, Conch or Dahlia.

2. Follow this up by applying a deeper blush shade in several long strokes to the top of your cheek bones. We love shades like deep orange, berry, and burgundy—try our Multi Pot in Magnolia or Florentina.

3. Finish by using your fingertips, makeup sponge or a brush to blend the two colors out, upwards, and together to create a gradient cheek tint with a softly contoured, natural look. 

4. For a bolder or brighter look, repeat the process and build up the color until you reach your desired level of pigment. For added shimmer, dust a light layer of our Mineral Highlighter on the highest points of your cheekbones.

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