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How To Wear the Blue Eyeliner Trend

Posted on December 20 2023

How To Wear the Blue Eyeliner Trend

Bored with your favorite black eyeliner? Swap it for a cool blue.

There’s a lot to love about liner in the sapphire shade—it's more eye-catching than a classic black or brown, but isn’t so bold that it feels out of place during daylight hours. It also enhances a spectrum of eye colors and gives your beauty look a wintery touch. And bonus: it’s a lot easier to wear than you might think.

Step out of your comfort zone and try one of the cobalt ideas below—they'll make you feel anything but blue.

Apply classic black eyeliner along your waterline and then trace our Eye Defining Pencil in Ocean—a vibrant navy blue—below your lashes for a bold pop of color.

Upgrade your cat-eye with our Precision Liquid Liner in Azure—a bright shimmering blue—for an instantly cool and super flattering look. Try out a bold and graphic design to be super on-trend. 

Draw on our Classic Eyeliner in Navy—a deep navy blue—above and below your eye for a subtle wash of color, and then smudge the eyeliner to create a faux smokey-eye with the shade.

Use our Precision Liquid Liner in Storm—a matte true navy—in place of black eyeliner above your peepers and trace all the way to your inner corner.

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