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3 Winter Makeup Trends to Try Right Now

Posted on December 27 2023

3 Winter Makeup Trends to Try Right Now

Hello, winter! Does the darkest season of the year have you down? There’s no better way to brighten your mood (and your complexion) than by trying out a new beauty trend—even if you’re not planning to leave the house. An added bonus: You don’t have to worry about the heat melting away your makeup, and you’re freer to experiment with intense colors and textures.

Scroll down to check out three trends you need to wear before the season ends.

Turn-Heads Red
Red is bigger and better than ever this season. The fiery color was spotted all over the runways in both fashion and beauty looks, making it a defining hue for the season. The strong, bright shade may be a staple this time of year, but that doesn’t mean its impact is any less striking. The color pops on every skin tone, and it’s chic, classy, and edgy at the same time. It’s taking center stage this season in the form of ultra glossy lips, vibrant nails, and more.

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Frostbitten Cheeks
Make your cheeks look frostbitten in the best way by trying out this winter trend. Choose two shades of blush — a lighter shade (like peach or soft pink) and a darker shade (like berry or sienna) to layer together to create a deep, dynamic flush. Apply the lighter shade of blush onto the apples of your cheeks, blending it into your under-eye area and sweeping it over the bridge of your nose—dab a dot on the tip of your nose and chin, then blend. Add a few swirls of the darker shade of blush onto the high points of your cheekbones. Finish the look with voluminous lashes and you’ll have that “perfectly flushed from a cold walk” look.

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Major Metallics
What would this season be without something shiny? Warm-toned browns, golds, and bronzes on the eyes and face are back in a big way for winter—from molten finishes to glimmering glitter. Draw on a metallic wing, layer on shimmering eyeshadows or add a generous dose of extra-glowy highlighter to your cheekbones for a look that works for any occasion.

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