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7 Fresh Ways To Use White Eyeliner

Posted on January 20 2021

7 Fresh Ways To Use White Eyeliner

Instead of your classic black or brown eyeliner, have you ever thought of reaching for white? The easiest way to make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more awake is by applying white eyeliner, and it’s also a cool way to modernize a variety of classic liner looks.

Simply take your favorite product in the shade—like our Eye Defining Pencil in Snow—and try one of the seven ways to use white eyeliner below.

All Over Your Lids
Create a cream shadow look by taking a generous amount of white eyeliner and covering your eyelid—use your finger to softly blend the product and completely fill in the space. 

A Delicate Wing
Keep it soft with tiny wings on the outer corners of each of your eyes. A subtle flick of white eyeliner adds just enough brightness without overdoing it.

Above Your Crease
Stray from your eyelashes and try out different line shapes—like following the curve of your eyebrows or a bold zig-zag—and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Add another line under your bottom lashes for a truly fearless look.

On Your Waterline
Late night? Apply white eyeliner to your waterline to make your peepers look instantly wider, brighter, and more awake—this extends the whites of your eyes and masks any redness.

Dramatic Cat-Eye
If you love a major wing, you’ll love it even more in white. Start by making a normal-sized cat-eye shape and drawing out the lines until it becomes statement making—use an Angle Brush to help perfect your application. 

Hug the Lash Line
Get creative and draw on a bold swipe of white eyeliner that hugs the underside of your bottom lash line (leave your eyelid blank) for a look that really stands out.

On Your Inner Eyes
Apply liner in the inner corners of both eyes in the shape of a sideways “v” as a brightening tool and finish it off with a few coats of our Luxe Mascara in Onyx.

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