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This is the Trick to Getting Perfectly Rosy Cheeks

Posted on November 08 2023

This is the Trick to Getting Perfectly Rosy Cheeks

What's better than one shade of blush? Three.

Enter one of our favorite new beauty trends—popularized by makeup artist J. Brandon Correa—called "stained glass blush" because of the way it lights up your face and creates a cascade of colors, much like the way the sunlight bounces off a stained glass window.

The technique is simple enough to try at home. First, place a pea-sized dot of bright blush on the highest points of your cheekbones, where you'd place highlighter. Then, use a deeper shade of blush to add another pea-sized dot slightly below the bright shade to enhance your cheek’s natural contour. Last, select a shade of blush closest to your natural flush and use it to add a third dot to the apples of your cheeks. (The dots of the three shades of blush should form a small triangle on your cheeks).

If you prefer a bold finish, reach for bright pink and vibrant orange shades and use a brush to swirl the shades in a figure eight pattern—if you prefer a more natural finish, opt for slightly different shades in the same color family like pinks, berries or corals and use your fingers to blend them out (this will also show off the individual shades more distinctly). And when it comes to selecting a product, liquid or cream blush works best but you can go with powder blush if you prefer it.

Perfectly rosy flush, achieved.

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