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Glow Up Alert: Zuzu Luxe Has A Bold New Look

Posted on July 28 2020

Glow Up Alert: Zuzu Luxe Has A Bold New Look

Attention beauties!

We have designed stunning new Zuzu Luxe boxes to deliver the same great products, but with a bold new look. On top of refreshed boxes, we have also renamed a few of your favorite items. Don’t worry eco chic warriors—they are exactly the same—but now their name will better describe how amazing they are. Our products are still made with our signature formulas and are always natural, gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. We just have a new box to put them in!

Scroll down for all of the remixed product names—because who doesn’t love a good glow up?!

Dual Powder Foundation → Mineral Powder
Blush → Mineral Blush
Eyeshadow → Mineral Eyeshadow
Mascara → Luxe Mascara
Eyeliner → Eye Defining Pencil
Lipliner → Lip Pencil
Lipstick → Lip Color
Lip Gloss → Sheer Gloss
Color Correcting Primer → Color Correcting Cream
Color Correcting Primer in Universal → Universal Primer
Liquid Eyeliner → Precision Liquid Liner

On a greener note... We remain committed to sustainable natural beauty and earth-conscious practices—all Zuzu Luxe boxes are FSC certified, recyclable, and printed with soy ink.

Shop all of your favorite Zuzu Luxe products here.

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