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6 Dry Skin Remedies Everyone Should Know

Posted on August 05 2020

6 Dry Skin Remedies Everyone Should Know

Dry skin can strike at any time and in any season, but the one thing we're sure of is that it's never ideal. If you've ever tried to apply makeup to moisture-lacking skin, you know the struggle is real and that the results are less than perfect. The good news? We can help you take your skin from parched to dewy.

Consider this your one-stop-shop for dry skin remedies—follow the six tips below to banish your flakes in no time.

  1. Swap to a gentle cream cleanser like our Hydrating Cream Cleanser—the rich formula of aloe vera, kelp, ginger, and more removes skin dulling cell debris and surface impurities—and always use your hands when washing rather than a washcloth. Make sure to avoid true soaps because they prevent water retention and make your dryness worse.
  2. Not only does our Renewing Eye Cream work to soothe and supply continuous moisture to the delicate eye area, it also works great as a treatment for dehydrated lips. It’s filled with vitamins, botanical extracts, and herbs that reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under your eyes.
  3. It might seem counterintuitive, but exfoliate one to two times a week with our Gentle Exfoliator to clear away dead skin cells that prevent moisture from sinking into your skin and refine surface texture—just make sure you don’t over-scrub, which can heighten your dryness problem.
  4. For an extra infusion of moisture, use our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist after you turn off the water but while you’re still in the shower. This spray can reach where you can’t, and helps to balance even the most temperamental complexions. Reapply it throughout the day to refresh and hydrate your entire body.
  5. Use a face mask—like our Hydrating Mask—before bed a few times a week for noticeably more soft and supple skin. It will seal in moisture and rejuvenate your dull and lackluster complexion. The active formula of seaweed and plant extracts provides hydration, resiliency, and soothes temperamental skin.
  6. The best time to slather on our Revitalizing Hand & Body Lotion is directly after showering—your skin has the most moisture when it’s wet, and most lotions work the best when your skin is already hydrated. The easily absorbed formula is enriched with ultra-hydrating white seaweed and active plant oils to help improve the texture and elasticity of dehydrated skin.

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