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How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage (And Why You Should)

Posted on April 24 2018

How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage (And Why You Should)

Will rubbing your face give you better skin? According to the pros, the answer is yes. Just a few minutes of facial massage everyday can fade lines, tighten skin, reduce sinus pressure, decrease puffiness, and make your complexion look all-around more radiant.

The best part about facial massage is that it’s a technique you can do right at home. All you need is your product of choice—like a moisturizer, serum, or mask—and your own two hands. While using a moisturizer or serum (like our Balancing Moisturizer or our Advanced Polypeptides Searum) is a great option, our favorite method starts with a Sheet Mask.

Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to glowing skin in no time.

  1. After using your Sheet Mask per the directions, gently remove it and leave the excess product on your skin. If opting for moisturizer or serum, squeeze a dime-sized portion of it into your palms and rub to distribute evenly over your hands and fingertips.
  1. Begin by pressing your fingers between your eyebrows and work from the center of your forehead outward using upward sweeping motions from your brows to your hairline.
  1. Continue by using the same sweeping motion and slide your fingers under your eyes and outward in one fluid stroke.
  1. Next, bring your fingers over your cheekbones and sweep outward. Repeat this same motion under your cheekbones.
  1. Follow by sliding your fingers from your bottom lip down to your jawline. Move from the center of the chin outward to the ears.
  1. Finish with your neck and décolletage, and make light vertical strokes from your collarbone upward to your jawbone. Make small, circular movements with your fingertips from the center of your décolletage outward.

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