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Fall Asleep in Your Makeup? Here’s What to Do

Posted on February 13 2018

Fall Asleep in Your Makeup? Here’s What to Do

It happens to the best of us. You’re out late and when you get home you crash on the bed before washing your face. But don’t fret—all hope isn’t lost for your skin. Though sleeping in your makeup can be a setback, there’s some easy steps you can take that will get your complexion back in tip-top shape.

Follow our guidelines below and you’ll be glowing again in no time.

Remove All Eye Makeup

    After washing your hands to remove harmful bacteria (try our Kiwi Germ Busting Soap), your first step is to remove every trace of makeup on your eyes. The area around your peepers is extremely sensitive, so it tends to irritate the easiest—use our Gentle Eye Makeup Remover or our Cosmetic Wipes.

    Gently Wash Your Face

      You don’t want to go overboard when it comes to cleansing—avoid scrubbing too hard and steer clear of any aggressive exfoliants. Instead, choose a gentle cleanser that works for normal to combination skin like our Balancing Cleanser.
        Assess the Damage
          Leave any blemishes that have popped up and pores that have clogged alone—this will allow you to treat accordingly without causing further damage. To help your skin recover, steam your face to open up pores and apply a mask to infuse moisture—we’d recommend our Purifying Mud Mask or our Hydrating Mask.
            Stay Makeup-Free As Long As Possible
              Let your skin breathe. If you can stay barefaced all day, your complexion will bounce back faster because makeup hinders the renewal process. If you need to apply products, do so at the last minute right before you leave the house and choose Concealer over Foundation.
                Wash Your Sheets
                  This step is crucial—change or wash at least your pillowcase to remove residual product that was left from the night before. Otherwise, it will transfer back onto your face and erase any work you’ve done to help your skin recover.

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