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Simple Halloween Manicure Combos

Posted on October 14 2020

Simple Halloween Manicure Combos

Halloween is going to look a little different this year, but that’s no excuse to let your spooky makeup game suffer. Don’t feel like going all out with a full beauty look? Paint on a simple yet festive manicure instead and call it good. 

Scroll down to check out six of our favorite nail polish color combos for Halloween—no costume needed.

Sunrise + Mesmerize

Consider this vibrant orange gloss and black glitter combo the new and improved classic Halloween duo.

Texas Tea + Classic Red

This jet black and true red gloss are a ghoulishly stylish pairing with endless horrifying nail art options.

Iceberg + Lovestruck

Pair this white gloss and deep red to create a dripping manicure that looks bloody good.

Cosmos + Island Sunset

Use this black shimmer and bright tangerine gloss to make an edgy half moon manicure that screams jack-o'-lantern. 

Wildflower + Moonstone

Go for Beetlejuice vibes with this unconventional combo of violet gloss and holographic shimmer.

Bloodstone + Chrome

Keep it luxe and create a celestial or gradient design with this vampy deep red gloss and metallic silver.

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