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Celebrating 25 Years

Posted on March 20 2017

Celebrating 25 Years

Twenty five years ago, I believed that the cosmetics industry could do better.

The influences at the time were more about covering up than correcting and consumers had a definite ‘trend over toxin’ mentality. We were unaware of gluten intolerances, were less socially responsible, and generally persuaded by results driven (and often toxin driven) beauty care. I knew my products had to reflect my beliefs and lifestyle and had to be accessible, affordable, nutrient-rich, ethical, and results driven. I started at the foundation (literally) and grew an empire based off of what I wanted to see in the marketplace.

Today, I relish in the fact I am able to provide you with an alternative to toxic products that still offer the color palettes, aesthetic, and product assortment many crave from mainstream brands. I continue to draw inspiration from my grandmother’s homeopathic teachings and apply her philosophies to everything I do. We are ‘glamorizing green,’ and my company is a true reflection of her and I, and every day our mission grows stronger and our standard raises higher.

Be a natural beauty. Be great. Be better.

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