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4 Winter Makeup Trends To Try ASAP

Posted on December 21 2022

4 Winter Makeup Trends To Try ASAP

Hello, winter! Does the darkest season of the year have you down? There’s no better way to brighten your mood (and your complexion) than by trying out a new beauty trend—even if you’re not planning to leave the house. An added bonus: You don’t have to worry about the heat melting away your makeup, and you’re freer to experiment with intense colors and textures.

Scroll down to check out four trends you need to wear before the season ends.

Luminous Skin
Keep your skin glowing in the colder months by reaching for products that add subtle shine and loads of moisture. Create your luminous look with a lightweight, dewy foundation base and top it off with a shimmering cream highlighter or bronzer and glossy lip (neutral or bold).

Shop it: Cream Highlighter, Advanced Polypeptides Searum, Sheer Gloss in Liquid Bliss, Sheer Gloss in Tango, Moisturizing Liquid Foundation + Multi Pot in Magnolia

"Cold Girl" Blush
Make your cheeks look frostbitten in the best way by trying out this TikTok trend. Start with a matte base (try our Dual Powder Foundation) and choose one or two shades of blush in the pink and orange family to layer together. Apply the blush onto the apples of your cheeks, blending it into your under-eye area and sweeping it over the bridge of your nose—dab a dot on the tip of your nose and chin, then blend. Add voluminous lashes and you’ll have that “perfectly flushed from a cold walk” look.

Shop it: Mineral Blush in Nymph + Powder Blush in Apricot

Bronze Eyes
Warm-toned browns and bronzes on the eyes are back in a big way for winter—from molten finishes to glimmering glitter. Draw on a metallic wing or layer on shimmering eyeshadows that works as a striking party look or a dose of subtle everyday sparkle.

Shop it: Precision Liquid Liner in Luxor, Mineral Eyeshadow in Chameleon + Mineral Eyeshadow in Sahara

Brown Lipstick
‘90s makeup trends have been making their way back onto the beauty scene over the past few years, and the brown lipstick trend has really picked up steam over the past few months. The color feels like a fresh switch back to neutrals, can be worn in a variety of shades to complement any skin tone, and is perennially cool.

Shop it: Lipstick in Matte Cerise, Lip Color in Chocolate Cherry, Lip Gloss in Caramel, Classic Lip Liner in Chestnut, Lipstick in Clay + Lip Pencil in Cappuccino

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