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3 Ways To Use Our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist

Posted on May 22 2019

3 Ways To Use Our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist

Meet the unsung beauty hero of summer: our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist.

Made up of an exhilarating blend of active all-natural ingredients derived from the sea and land—like sea fennel, rosemary, aloe vera, chamomile, spirulina, and green tea—this spray is the versatile product you never knew you needed (but really do!). Its unique formula allows it to be used for a variety of purposes, and your skin will majorly reap the benefits if you add it to your routine. Just toss it in your bag and you’re good to go.

Check out three of our favorite uses for our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist below.

1. To Rehydrate Skin
It’s the perfect replenisher for “tired” skin—spray it on throughout the day to refresh and hydrate your entire body. The nutrient rich formula gently tones and remineralizes the skin, and balances even the most temperamental complexions. The best part? You can even use it on delicate facial skin.

2. To Prime Your Makeup
Prep your skin for product application by replacing your traditional primer with this spray. It will speed up your routine, it’s great for all skin types, and works particularly well in the heat. Simply mist it onto your bare skin after going through your full skin care routine and before adding makeup.

3. To Set Your Makeup
To lock in your look, lightly spritz the product on your face after applying all of your makeup—make sure you get full, even coverage. It will increase the wear time and lifespan of your beauty products and keep you flawless all day long. Spray it on again midday to help your makeup last even longer.

Talk about a win, win, (win).

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