Zuzu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation

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This mineral based pressed powder blends seamlessly over your skin for a long-wearing, natural finish. The velvety formula performs both as a foundation and powder. *REFILLABLE: Refills do not include compact or Luxury Sponge.

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Apply with a dry sponge to create an ultra matte finish or use a moist sponge for a sheer, fresh appearance.

35 reviews for Zuzu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation

  1. Checotah44

    This is THE BEST powder foundation out there! I have tried them all. This won’t ever cake. You can layer and looks natural but give excellent coverage! Doesn’t enhance pores like most powder foundations and doesn’t break me out! No Bismuth in this baby! What a novel ideal! I I use D17 most of the time and it give you a nice warm glow somehow! I sometimes pat my hands over my face after applying to set it and its wonderful. Plus this stuff lasts all day! Not drying. just simply the best. I’ve thrown all my “stash” of other powders away. THATS how sure I am about this one! Concealer awsome too as well as blushes and eye shadows. I’m slowing transitioning over to this line completely. Its THAT good.

  2. Tiffany Perez

    This make up is better than any Mac brand or other designer high end make up brand I have used. Unfortunately they share the same price range. However, It does not leave what I call the “blown out look” once you are done applying your make up. You also do not need to apply hardly any of the product so it is expected to last a very long time!!! It is definitely worth the buy!!!!

  3. Tiffany Perez

    Plus everything the person above me said!!!!! I could not have said it better myself!!! /\

  4. TLee (verified owner)

    The reason I originally tried this foundation is because of its quality ingredients. No icky soy, petroleum-based junk, fake colorings, etc. I couldn’t find this product in Skin Deep’s database, but I plugged all the ingredients in and the most any specific ingredient rated was a 2, which is an extremely low-hazard rating.

    However, after trying it, my daughter and I quickly fell in love with this foundation! My daughter has oily pre-teen skin, I have dry 40ish skin, yet somehow this stuff works and looks great on both of us. Goes on as easily as a powder but has medium, buildable coverage with a natural, flawless finish. This foundation makes us look like we are walking around with naturally beautiful skin. (We’re not.) Really hope Zuzu continues to make this amazing product!

  5. ntadams1986

    Great product! Doesn’t look powdery or flaky or stick in creases. I use the D4 and it is the best match for my skin. I have a bit of freckles and redness from super sensitive skin and it gets rid of it and doesn’t cause more sensitivity nor does it make me itchy. I’ll continue to purchase

  6. Melissa (verified owner)

    SO beautiful on. D-14 is my shade. I always apply jojoba oil to my face before I apply this and it looks gorgeous. I find that with a powder foundation it can look cake-y and also a shade too light but once your face is moisturized, it works wonderfully.

    I also was concerned with what I was putting on my skin and this is a great natural make-up. I recommend.

  7. Kim

    This is the best pressed powder foundation I have ever used. I have tried many natural and organic makeup brands, including high end, but this is the best. It makes me look poreless and it is never cakey. I am quite pale and D4 works well for me.

  8. Carolyn (verified owner)

    I just bought your Zuzu Luxe powder foundation in #17. I love that it is a true beige – no pink or orange. Thank you for considering the fact that not all skin tones have orange in them, especially light to medium skin. Your powder foundation truly is the best. I have tried many, many natural cosmetic lines, and yours is superior! Please continue to make this color for those of us who hate to have pink or orange color in our makeup.

  9. Kathryn

    Amazing product and coverage! I was looking for a natural foundation alternative and I think I found the winner.

  10. Rena (verified owner)

    I have used this foundation for quite a few years and simply love it….won’t use anything else! It’s light on my skin and never drying. I’m 60 now and will be sticking with all Gabriel/ZuZu Luxe products. Happy days!

  11. Kateryna

    Tried this foundation for the first time.. What a pleasant surprise! Absolutely love it!!

  12. Jill Murphy

    Very good ingredients. Does not clog pores. Great natural looking coverage. Beautiful, flawless finish. Not powdery or cakey. Great company and customer service.

  13. ellena ochoa

    The product would get a 5 star rating for me except that the powder tends to break up into small powdery pieces, and makes a mess when used or transported (in a purse for example). This has happened to me 3 times and I’ve had to throw the powder away with a lot still left. It seems to happen easily for example if the compact is jostled slightly, as in a purse. Has anyone else had the same experience? Does Gabriel Cosmetics have any suggestions?

  14. Michelle

    I’ve been a mineral foundation user for a long time, but now that my skin is dry and reactive (always been sensitive) they weren’t working for me anymore. Also, I’ve realized things I thought were natural and good for the skin actually aren’t or at least not as much as advertised. I decided to give this foundation a try after reading the ingredients and reviews. I ordered a week ago and I am SO happy I did!! I love this foundation!!!! The finish and coverage are beautiful. The texture is wonderful and it doesn’t leave my skin looking or feeling tight and dehydrated or chalky. No rashes, irritation, breakouts. I also appreciate the fact that the powder is color true and lasts all day. I found that the online descriptions for the colors were accurate. I ordered D7 and it’s perfect.

  15. MK

    Firstly, I have multiple allergies, so thank you Gabriel and ZuZu for making such “clean” products. Now, to the powder: I use D-4. I have cool toned, pink-undertoned skin. D-4 is PERFECT. It is the only foundation powder that has left me with NATURAL looking flawless skin. I previously used Larenim, also a great GF brand, but found their colors too pink. I always thought I should match my pink/cool skin with likewise pink/cool foundations. Big problem. It was too much pink! I learned that very, very cool toned women need to choose a neutral foundation, in order to tone down and blend their pink face with the rest of their body. This knowledge led me to choose D-4, which has neutral undertones. It works like a charm. Exactly as neutral should be, it is neither warm nor cool. My skin shows through—but only the best parts. If you are Nordic cool toned woman, choose neutral, and you will not be sorry. Thank you for this amazing product.

  16. Andrea (verified owner)

    I love this foundation. The coverage looks natural. You can apply with a brush for lighter coverage or the sponge for fuller coverage. This is one of the only powders I’ve ever liked using a sponge to apply. It makes foundation application super quick, and you look perfected in no time. It sits over concealer nicely without making it look cakey. It took about 9-10 hours before I needed to blot my skin, and I usually need to touch up after about 4 hours. I like the compact design and that it’s refillable.

  17. Tonya

    Great product! Love that it doesn’t have all the yuck that other brands have and I still look natural. Blush very nice too!!

  18. Melanie

    Great product – gives a great coverage and doesn’t break skin out! Worth the price. Wish there were more shades to chose from – light with yellow undertone

  19. Willow

    Oh my gosh, this is the BEST! I have rosacea and for years have tried various foundations and powders trying to mask the redness, and have had limited success. It used to take me 10 minutes to put my make-up on in order to hide the redness. I saw Zuzu Luxe in a Whole Foods store and decided to try it; two swipes and the redness was concealed! I can put my make-up on in 30 seconds now, and it lasts all day! The color is a perfect match, and there are no awful chemicals! The container is great, too and I love that it is refillable. I can’t believe it!

  20. Krystal

    This is the BEST powder product that I have ever used! Makes my skin look better than photoshop could! I have dark circles and this product is the perfect finish to set my concealer and make my skin look ABSOLUTELY flawless! Love that it is vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful and confident in my skin and thank you for being animal friendly too! 5 stars just do not seem enough! The finish is silky smooth and leaves my skin looking like a movie star. Incredibly happy with my purchase!

  21. Violetta S

    The best pressed powder out there. I have fair, extremely sensitive skin. I’ve tried other natural brands but this beats them all. Please zuzu, DO NOT CHANGE your formula, because it is top notch, and it works miracles for sensitive skinned people like myself. Great coverage, wonderful texture and superb quality and ingredients. The colors are fantastic. I use the neutral for ivory skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE. THANK YOU! I will be looking into trying some of the other products you have to offer as well 🙂

  22. Pura Vida chick

    This makeup is amazing! good coverage. Buildable. Hydrating even though it’s a powder form. I’m 43 with dry aging skin. I’ve tried everything from Chanel, to Mac, to Revlon, to Maybelline and Zuzu luxe is the one I got back to everytime. Easy and quick application, no mess with the liquid foundation. I’m a busy woman and I need quick and flawless. I get this at Whole Foods. I use D14 and D17.

  23. Alexandra Gordon

    This is without a doubt the best foundation I have ever used! I have very, very, very sensitive skin, every single brand of makeup irritates my skin. I have used them all, seriously I have tried every “natural” line of makeup, from the cheapest to outrageously expensive, until I came across this brand in Whole Foods last year. I didn’t even know what it was until I googled the name, and took a chance on it. Miracle worker is all I have to say. I will never use another brand of makeup. Thank you Gabriel cosmetics!!!

  24. Keely

    Great product, even covers my acne and leaves skin feeling soft.

  25. MissLeopard83

    I have very sensitive skin with rosacea that tends to breakout from even products made for sensitive skin. I was just about to give up on makeup altogether because I was tired of the rashes and peeling skin, but found this product at a natural food store and thought I’d give it one last shot. I use it dry with a powder brush instead of the puff included and I love how lightweight it feels. It gets rid of any shine but doesn’t feel like I have a bunch of stuff sitting on my face. It’s the one thing that doesn’t cause breakouts for me, too.

  26. cherei

    I love this brand and used to use the D32 which is no more not sure why because I can’t seem to find my shade anymore and this is the best product for my skin so far, 🙁

  27. Samantha

    Really great stuff. I switched from Clinique liquid foundation which made me break out in cystic acne (which lead to scarring), to this powder. So far it has exceeded expectations and covers better than any other powder I’ve tried.
    As for the negative, I’ve read that mica is not good for people to breath in and can cause problems long term, but still seems a lesser evil than all the other negative ingredients in most foundations. My only complaint would be that I bought the lightest shade and it is not light enough for my skin tone. This is a common problem, though; and does not require much to work around.

    Hopefully this is helpful! 🙂

  28. Nanette Pentz (verified owner)

    Well after reading all the reviews above , I am confident that I have made the right decision to purchase this product. I anxiously await the delivery of my # 17 foundation I’ll be back to rate it. Nan

  29. Heather

    I just discovered this brand. This foundation is amazing. It goes on like a dream!I have tried all powder foundations and this is the best. I will never go back to Ulta for make up,

  30. Christian

    As a person with very sensitive and oily skin, foundations that last all day and do not break me out are extremely rare. I’ve tried so many foundations from both conventional and eco beauty but I have not loved any of them like I love Zuzu Luxe powder foundation. It has medium coverage without having to be built up, looks skin like, and has a blurring/ softening effect. In addition, it lasts all day! I set it with 14E setting powder and it does not break up on my oily skin. After 9 or so hours, you see a glow peak through but it does not look oily or super shiny. Furthermore, this powder multitasks! I used it as foundation, concealer, and eye primer! After I set it with the 14E powder, it keeps my shadows looking beautiful and crease free on my oily eyelids. Since I switched to this foundation, I’ve been able to shave an hour off of my makeup routine! I love this foundation so much! Thank you Zuzu Luxe for such a beautiful foundation!

  31. Shelly Gross

    Excellent for covering my type one rosacea. Looks natural. Love it.

  32. Sara (verified owner)

    I’m a D-10 and it’s the only powder that I’ve ever used that makes my skin look smooth without any build-up. I don’t wear foundation—only moisturizer—& this powder as my base. I’d panic if they stopped making this product—it’s that good. I’ve aged from 37-42, and it still works even as my pores are getting larger. LOVE IT!

  33. Samantha

    Please don’t ever discontinue this product! I’ve been using this product for years & it’s the ONLY one that doesn’t break me out. Love love love this little gem! ???

  34. Shelley

    I recently decided to simplify my foundation routine and use powder instead of liquid. I researched the best powders and chose three. Zuzu’s Luxe Dual Powder is hands down the best (compared to L’Oreal True Match and Mineral Fusion). Pros: goes on smooth and doesn’t cake, does not fill in my pores, the color blend is perfect (D14) for my skin tone, covers enough to even out my skin tone and still look natural. I have freckles and don’t want to hide them, but would like my skin color to have more evenness. Zuzu’s does the job! It lasts all day long, and never makes my skin look dry. I am 63 years old with normal/dry skin, and this works ideally. Thank you Zuzu! Do not ever discontinue. BTW, I had to look online to find out where you sold your products. I went to Whole Foods and they discontinued selling your brand, but I did find it at Target. Yay!

  35. Shan

    I’ve heard good things about the powder foundation, but don’t see a shade to match my skintone. I’m between Oprah Winfrey and Lupita Nyong’o. Where are the shades for deep skin?

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